Celebrities Who Love Boston Terrier Dogs

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There are many celebrities who love or have loved Boston Terrier dogs. Here are some of them who have been photographed with Boston Terriers. 🙂

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Famke Janssen

Actress Famke Janssen with her Boston Terrier

Dutch actress, director, screenwriter and former fashion model.

Robin Williams

Robin Williams Photographed with a Boston Terrier

American Actor and comedian.

Rose Mcgowan

Rose Mcgowan with a Little Boston Terrier

American actress, singer, and director.

Alison Sweeney

Alison Sweeney with a Boston Terrier

American dramatic actress, reality show host, director and author.

Jake Gyllenhall

Jake Gyllenhall with his Boston Terrier

American actor. (Everest, Southpaw, Nightcrawler…)

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AJ Melling

Hello I’m Mr. Squigmonds

Shawna Melling Schulze

Ha ha! Look at that goof!

Carla Rumskas

Our Daisy.

Noel Stiles

Looks like we might be related.

Eagleybank Couriers

Lilly age 7

Kathy Gaynor-Sloan

Here’s my girl, Summa. 9 yrs old this year and one of the best dogs I’ve had.

Denise Centeno

It’s Mabel!

Marguerite Tenorio

Love ❤️ ❤️

Ria Martucci

My beautiful babes

Wes Brown

Lost our Mollie last Friday R.I.P. good girl

Kelley Midgette Wynn

So very sorry for your loss. BTs are so special 💜🐾

Wes Brown

Thanks, Kelley.

Kelley Midgette Wynn

You’re welcome. Could you post a picture of Miss Mollie if it’s not too difficult? I bet she was beautiful

Laura Gonzalez-Martinez

Stephanie Martinez

Lisa Donahoo Henderson

This is gizmo. He 8 Yr old. He blind in one eye but he can still tree his squirrel.

Craig Taylor

My name is Hank and I’m famous

Lani Naihe

David Perry

David Perry

Aye aye ayee 😍

Michael Carleno

Best dog, hands down..
R.I.P my Sepp

Tom Fulkerson

So awesome.

Tom Fulkerson

I love my girls. Lost the best one Ruby

Tom Fulkerson
Rosco Ziggy

My little Rosco Ziggy left my side In August after 14 years and I know he’s waiting for me to bring his ball when we are back together again one day. <3

Raina Brant Cassady Thomas

Bethany Jean Thomas Josh Bibliowicz

Tom Fulkerson

I’m a celebrity in my own mind. Lol

Maureen Gelling Malone

And ray malone

Rabid Rusty MacDonald

Natasha White

Linda Walters Hess

Don’t have to be famous to get Boston kisses.

Denny Sigmon

That’s some nice click bait you got there

Lexi Wagner

My boy, Ozzy. 😍😍

Marie Danielsen

David Nilssen akkorat så å se Rasmus

Jason Wagner

Lexi Wagner

Allan Hopkins

Katharine Hopkins

Carole Semeur

LN Semeur <3

Lyall Rory Crosby

Hello from England.!!!

Lyall Rory Crosby

Katie Clements we are in good company .!!!

Edith Gravelin

Ah ! Il n’y a pas que nous !!!!!

Cesar N Silvia Hernandez
Bea Jacobson

This was fun to see because I had a Boston who lived to 14 They are my favorites !!!

Craig Hansen

that Boston looks like our eleven year old Lola

Tony Obouhoff

Scott Obouhoff

Christopher Barney

Allison Gould

Lucy Gomez McCay

Bella (7 yrs) & Baxter (12 yrs) ~ My babies with fur 🐾❤️🐾

Lyall Rory Crosby

We have a Baxter too.!!!

Lucy Gomez McCay

So cute! 🐾

Kathy Morren
Georganne Boolukos

Nicole Costanzo

Bill Carol Irwin

I love Robin Williams

J.J. Zeitvogel Arriaga

Hi, it’s me, Pop Pop!

Jeanne Mayes Castelli

I named my girl Poppy because of the way she hopped around on all fours, like popcorn.

J.J. Zeitvogel Arriaga

Aww that’s cute. His name is actually Papi, after Big Papi the Boston baseball player. Somehow it turned into Pop Pop.

Pietro Gaeta

Nothing like Boston Kisses

Pietro Gaeta
Norma Furber

I am not, nor never will be, but I love Bostons! <3

Carter Dani

Mr. Harvey 😀

Lyn Reuteler
Casey Colbrese James

Donna Colbrese

John Harrington

Hi it me Percy

Connie Baluyot

Hi! It’s me, Hammy❤

Monica Torres

Gwen Torres

Craig Wolstenholme

Lola from england

Patricia Campbell

I Love Boston Terriers!!!

Diane Jamieson

My best buds!