Chicken VS Boston Terrier Dog! The Action Shot


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Houdini at 2 years old from Italy.

The Boston wanted to play with the chicken… Great Courage! πŸ™‚

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Chicken VS Boston Terrier Dog! The Action Shot

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Neal Leffler

Love it.

Ashley Marie Graves

Patricia Alice Johnson-Graves

Patricia Alice Johnson-Graves

No chicken would stand a chance against a BT, but I still want one again.

Ashley Marie Graves

Mike wants one too 😏

Patricia Davis

Realise it was Andrea I was addressing,sorry!!!

Deborah Lundeen

Love my Bostons, but must not kill other animals.

Christine Lowe Rieder

My Boston and Mini Schnauzer form a team…no chicken or rabbit is safe with them around! Leashes on them forever now…

Patricia Davis


Patricia Davis

Does this remind you of Oscar at Middlesmoor Rachel?!! A good job he didn’t jump through thr railings!!

Reza Karamy

John Rowbottom

Megan Mays

“Listen, I just want your nuggets. No one has to get hurt here.”

Maddie Rose

It’s all fun and games till your innocent little Boston kills your chicken! Mine just killed one this week completely out of the blue. πŸ˜₯

Lorrie Henriquez

That is adorable!!

Sandy Hicks

Buddy use to give my rodeisland reds a hassle as well , you could have taken that pitcher in my yard

Mike Beck


Shari Moody

Jessica Smith

Angela Leon Orozco
Emmy Stewart Messer

Tania Keller….Yikes!

Evan Vincent

My Bella whop that chic a$$

Patty Miller Ethridge

Cille–remind you of anyone taking on the bull?!

Gwen Muldoon

Love it

Jennifer Lamb

Tanner Lamb

Babs Inglis

Wonder who ‘chickened out’ first haha…

Delaney Trimble-Root


Steve Bailey

that rooster will lose

Jeff Reid

That chicken would head for the hills if he got a load of my Peachy.

Jessica Baer Bentley

Our Boston loves to put the neighbors backyard chickens into a tizzy.

Mary Bussell

Looks like mine

Mary Caskey


Maria Cordiano Josevski

George Josevski

Mary Donald

I love Boston Terriers.

Megan Mays

Okay, okay. All I want are your nuggets and no one will get hurt lol.

Gina Carlock

Bella would have her for lunch

John Lewinski

I tell Edie to get the chickens. City chickens, if ya know what I mean πŸ˜‰