Collar VS Harness


If you’re a dog owner, you should put at least a basic collar (also known as a flat collar) on your dog. Your dog should also be wearing a collar with ID tags at all times.

Collars are great… but they are NOT always the best choice for all dogs!

Do you use a collar and / or a harness with your dogs? 🙂 Please SHARE and ANSWER the poll which is in the middle of this page!

What are the Advantages of the Collar?

Collars are convenient, they can stay on the dog all the time because of their size. Collars are a quick way to keep your dog identified and controled with a minimum of gear. Collars are great to hold your dog’s ID tags.

Dogs Acting Like Teenagers! - Check Out these 2 Boston Terriers!

Why Collars are NOT for All Dogs

If you are only using a regular collar, your dog may be at risk for neck or trachea injuries. For exemple, if your dog is pulling on walks or if suddenly he or she see and chase a squirrel or another animal.

What are the Bad Collars?

The bad ones are the choke collars, prong collars and shock collars. These type of collars are mainly used to cause pain to dogs. We believe there are more positive ways to train without causing pain to your dog to get his/her attention… Please SHARE the following image if you believe it too!

Say NO to these Bad Collars for Dogs! - Choke, Prong and Shock Collars

Harnesses are Now a Popular Choice for Dog Owners!

The Harness is now a popular choice for many dog owners. More and more dog owners are now using the harness because it doesn’t put strain on the neck and throat which can potentially be harmful over time. Dog breeds with short muzzles, like the Boston Terriers, benefit when they use the harness because they usually have more trouble to breathe than other dogs with the long muzzles.

Dogs Enjoying a Road Trip Walk in South Africa

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Do you use a collar and / or a harness with your dogs?

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Collar VS Harness

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Vicki Brunell
Vicki Brunell

Both: Collars are for tags and decorations and the Wonder Walker Harness is for leash walks and car restraint.

Marti Marikovics

Both. Collar for his tags…harness for a leash and car seat belt.

Lúcia Stella Kopp Pasquini

Join us on the group @bostonmania

Joy Attwood-Howard

Resco lead or martingale. If you train your dog they won’t pull.

Amanda Ellison

HARNESS!! They can’t breathe easily!!!

Debbie Thomas Schultz

Definitely harness!!!

Sara J Falbo Bender

I leash the harness which have a HomeAgain tag with the chip number on them but keep collars for ID purposes. I have had some escape artist dogs get out of the best fitting harnesses…like they can turn to liquid…so I keep the collars for safety. The better escape artists will get a double leash attached to both collar and harness.

Donna Woods Shipley

We always used harnesses with our Bostons. If they decide to go, they pull too hard for a collar.

Becky Cochran


Mackenzie Crawford

Harness. My Boston will pull till he can’t breathe well in a collar.

Bob Cowan

I prefer the harness just like I prefer a hackamore with a horse. The dog doesn’t get choked and the horse can breath better.

Bob Cowan

Of course I don’t walk my dog while riding a horse.

Tuesday Rae

Collar a wide leather collar

Nicole Blakeman Digby

Harness 😊

Shirley Myrick

I don’t use a collar on Scooby Doo my Boston he has a harness.

Carol-jane Horn


Rexene Lockwood Hurst

Max wears a collar for his tags and when we are away from home also has a harness on because he persistently wants to pull and choke himself!

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

I use collar for her tags and harness for walking and training.

Tambrea Howe Johnson


Terrence Schaefer

I’ve found that the harness works better for my Wasabi. No choking 🙂

June O'Rear

I keep a harness on mine. He thinks he isn’t “dressed” without it.

Linda Osburn

Always a harness

Mary Bussell

Have used a collar for 13 years no trouble

Preston Gordon

I use collars unless we are going for a ride. Then i have a harness so if we get in an accident they dont snap there necks

Sharon Merryman

I have never cared nothing about a collar. You have much better control of your dog, regardless of the breed, with a harness. Now, I have doubled up on both, but not using the regular collar and making sure there is an ID tag on both collar and harness. Because we don’t keep a harness on at all times, if they get loose out of the yard, there is still a way to identify them and where they belong. Unless you have your dog chipped, but I still prefer visual ID.

Kathy Wilson

Depends. Collar for shows. Harness for clipping in car. Harness for sidewalk walks. Collars for petstore walks.

Linda Walters Hess

Blossom has had both. When she was younger a harness was best for training but now as a senior she wears a collar mainly for identification. It’s not tight and when she slips out of it she waits for me. She is a sidewalk walker. She is rarely out of my sight. Couldn’t ask for a better companion.

Laura Alpert

Harness…Bostons tend to pull so they won’t choke with a harness.

Theresa Brown Penning

They wear a collar with tags, but any time they go out on leash, it’s with a harness.

Raven Medina

Gab 😚

Gab J. Iglesias
Julie Geno

Definitely a harness! Collars should be banned!

Diann Gostol Dobesh

Harness is best for bostons and frenchies

Joan E Radcliffe


Ellen DeSartt-Kingsbury

Charlotte wears her collar always, but when outside, we add a harness. Never leaves home without it.

Tammy D Moss-Harris


Sandy Engle


Kari Gordon

I use only a harness.

Sally Spikes

I do not use collars on any dog, you control them better with a harness. They are not chocked with a harness. I have seen big dogs chocked until they can not swallow. Collars should be outlawed.

Elaine Tierney

Harness & tag!

Rick Taylor

Collars are for tags. A harness for the leash

John Daley

I use a product called Thunder leash. It’s great!

Ria Martucci

My babes don’t need to be tied down

Phyllis Rhineberger

We have always used a harness for our Bostons. So much better than a collar!

Diane Harris


Deanne Comito

Harness! We tried a collar a few times, but she either chokes herself or slips out of it!

Rosa Cruz

Collar for his ID tag on all the time but harness when he goes out for walks

Ana Graham

Harness definitely! He loves to pull so in order for him not to choke we have to use it.

Susan Bailey Bean

Definitely harnesses for our guys…..they can slip out of collars….

Tammi Dorsey

Only a harness here. My vet said put a collar on yourself and pull that’s how your dog feels. Never again will I use a collar. Also you could hurt their esophagus.

Travis Brady

Joy Smith Brady

Angie May Lasater

Harness to keep the pressure off the trachea/esophagus along w the slighter risk of them slipping out of the restraint. Fenced in yard so no need for tags while on our property we keep the vet receipt for the rabies vac near the front door. Tags on their harness.