Cooling Off in a Puddle – This is Charley from Eustis, Florida


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Charley at 2 years old from Eustis, Florida, USA.

Cooling off in a puddle after playing! 🙂

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Cooling Off in a Puddle - This is Charley from Eustis, Florida

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Wanda K Stegall
Wanda K Stegall

I just lost my second baby at 13 from cancer. I had a female passed at 16 They were and always will be the loves of my life please cherish every moment you have with them.Boston’s are the best.

Ashley Seibert

Dan Shindledecker

Hope Scopoli

Love you!

Sally Spikes

Wonderful pet.💕💕💕💕💕

Sandy Hyde

Great picture!

Ginni Olson

Teala looking worried cuz her person took car keys and went outside. From WI

Linda Walters Hess

It’s the best

Debby Yoho Farmer

Elle Mae, Chloe, & Lily say hi from Fl also.

Isabelle Femenia

Jade Lrz

Nathalie Beaudin Rierson

Fantastic picture. Oscar from Greensboro North Carolina says Hello Charley.

Jesse Naples

Sasha from Mi says hi .

Karen Morris


Diane Volk


Bijou Yun

Johnathan Smith

Shane Patrick Stearrett

Christa Hershberger

Meg Kirkendall

ALL so cute!

Sally J Reid

Precious and so cute!

Sarah Louise Young

Hey there bud,,,

Brooke April

Jesse Naples


much needed comment!

Milène Pelletier

V-rrginie Hrsn ♡

V-rrginie Hrsn

Langue à JC 😍😍


absolutely right

Carsten Mader

Priscilla Bogaert

Silvia van Abeelen

He’s awesome 😎

Ursa Arhar Vidmar

Tea Košnjek a ni isti k Mia?

Tea Košnjek

Kva pa vem, a se ti zdi? 🙂

Ursa Arhar Vidmar

Men je ista😀

Maureen Gelling Malone

Hi from Sam

Linda Walters Hess

My Blossom’s face was all black till she started getting older and now at 8 1/2 she has lots of white

Kianglek Tan

Winter Zora


Nice !

Janet Taylor

Hi Charley, you are adorable. I’m Lexie from MD.

Carol Royal Sylvis

Lucy from MD too

Carol Royal Sylvis

And bro Levi

Sheri Vaughan

Hi Charlie! I bet that puddle feels good in that Florida heat. You are adorable❤️

Meg Kirkendall

Hard to cool off in Florida!!No matter—heat does not stop the desire to play!


+1 this

Michael Moore

What a cute picture of him and he looking so cool from playing

Faye Parton Flynn

sweet sweet baby

Patty Miller Ethridge


Lauren Ethridge

Cute 😍