Cute 3 Months Old Boston Terrier Puppy named Oreo was Sleeping Like This!


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier named Oreo at 3 months old.

    He fell asleep like this on his owner’s legs! πŸ™‚

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    Cute 3 Months Old Boston Terrier Puppy named Oreo was Sleeping Like This!


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    Rod Willey

    Feeling safe

    Jan Lindahl

    She is absolutely adorable. I covet a Boston pup, but they are hard to find. Mine is an 8 year old or so dear with physical issues I adopted from the dog pound. I knew in my heart that she would have been put down because she has a skin yeast infection and large lipoma on her neck. My vet can’t even take the lipoma out because of the yeast infection. The vet and I are working at getting her better, but she’s so amazing and cute I don’t regret adopting her.

    Camilo Enrique Silva

    AsΓ­ cuaquiera duerm.felis

    Haidee' Frias

    Johnny Marin

    Johnny Marin

    Remember when royce was this small? πŸ™‚

    Haidee' Frias

    Yes so cute our baby

    Stefania Fried

    Kuki see is 11!

    Carine L. Rodgers

    This is my 8 week old Cooper the day after we brought him home Sunday he loves sleeping like this lol

    Alison Eldridge Moore

    Noah. Almost 10. So sweet

    Corey Konoha
    Nancy Simpson


    Izzy Smith

    Sleeping Beauty.

    Jarbas Passarelli

    Paula Saracchi olha isso

    Tawney Ann White

    That’s how my year old scooter sleeps

    Patricia Campbell
    Patricia Campbell

    So Cute!!!

    Linda Gai

    So sweet.

    Lorena Lobos


    Carole Ross Nelson

    Too adorable!!!

    B Lynn Iavaroni


    Joanne Storm


    Sandra Newell

    So darn cute!

    Laura Robbins

    U r raising Oreo right ! Mine sleeps in bed with us !

    Ella Forsythe

    My Boston will be 8 in April

    Jan McDonald

    Oh my I would love to find a Boston Terrier, like this.

    Terrence Schaefer

    all Bostons are wonderful! πŸ™‚

    Meg Kirkendall


    Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller

    Those are some cute spots on those toes. A good identification guide, try to keep a close up of those feet available, just in case. Along with the micro chip and collar.

    Patricia Sosbee

    So cute. Bostons are the best. We love our Rosebud who is 10.


    , Awwww, what a beautiful picture! My BT used to do that too before being a devil πŸ˜‰

    Maureen Lynch Struble

    Omg! Love it!

    Kelly Nevitt Pupo

    We have an Oreo also!! He is 1 and a half.

    Isabel Tipple

    However they sleep, they’re cute.

    Kathleen Mcneely


    Annie Lowe

    Dax and Nova β™‘β™‘

    Keeley Michelle Russell


    Colleen Slattery

    Keeley Michelle Russell

    Diane M Adipietro

    Love my Boston good dogs

    Lauren Smith Mutter

    Cuteness Award!

    Jill Blythe

    They can be sooo relaxed! Cute!!

    Sara Kapp Kettlewell

    Oh my! That is too cute!
    I love baby bostons!

    Jeanie Shelton

    ‘Cept I think Oreo may be a girl.

    Pat McNamara

    My little boys favourite spot! 😊

    Yarel Vlza


    Mary Declerk

    Hugs and kisses to him

    Al Kenzo

    so cute

    Charleen Howroyd


    Sheray Troutman


    MaΕ‚gorzata Ulanowska

    Sweet ! And what a cool name:)

    Sharlet Armstrong

    Bet his toes smell like fritos. So sweet.

    Jeanie Shelton

    I bet they do too!

    Jessica Baer Bentley

    Is this a thing? I think I just fell for your practical joke and sniffed my Boston’s foot.

    Sharlet Armstrong

    Did they smell like Fritos? Yeah it’s a thing. Its true. I had the same reaction when I found out.

    David Fanfan

    My guy sleeps like that sometimes.

    Marilyn Monroy


    Bernice Jeanette Nelson

    Bless his sweet little heart.