Cute Pictures of Boston Terrier Dogs Wrapped in Warm Blankets!

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Here are some of the cutest pictures of Boston Terrier dogs who loves to be wrapped in warm blanket! 🙂

Anyone else’s Boston Terrier Dogs Love to be Wrapped Up in Warm Blankets?

 Have you ever taken a cute picture of your Boston Terrier in blankets? Please SHARE and Send your Photos!

1. Wrapped in the Blanket

Linkin from edmonton canada wrapped in the blanket

2. This Boston Terrier Dog Rather Stay Under the Blankets! 🙂

This Boston Terrier Dog Doesn't Like Rain and Rather Stay Under the Blankets! (Photo)

3. Cute Baby Laying in the Blankets!

Baby Laying on the Blankets! - Luca from Spain (Photo)

4. Rolled Up in Blanket

Rolled Up in Blanket! - Jazzy at 3 Years Old from Poland (Photo)

5. These Two Boston Terriers are SO Sweet Together Under a Furry Blanket!

These Two Boston Terriers from Germany are SO Sweet Together Under a Furry Blanket! (Photo 2)

6. Snuggled up in the Blanket

Nacho Snuggled up in the Blanket

7. Two Adorable Boston Terriers Sleeping Under the Blanket

Two Adorable Boston Terriers Sleeping Under the Blanket

8. Boston Terrier Sleeping in the Blankets Every Day!

Boston Terrier Sleeping in the Blankets Every Day!

9. Rex just Loves his Warmth and Ultimate Softness!

You Know you are in Canada When the Boston Terrier Sleeps with a Winter Hat!

10. Boston Terrier Snuggles Down 🙂

Boston Terrier Snuggles Down

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Kalle Heliste


Jeannette Mcwilliams

omg yup since he was a puppy. totally covered!

Trish Vella

Stella loves her blanket and her hippo

Kathleen Lee

Abbott just enjoys blankets, period.

Jackie Giles

My baby Marley loved been under the blankey

Yulinda Noortman

ALL POTENTIAL Adopting Families pse take note!! 🤗

Norma Rodriguez

My beautiful Sasie! ❤️

Christina Deis

Maria Jordan

Jackie LaRose Buchanan

Yes always has,he’s 16 now,we take day by day.Pic just taken,sleeps most of the time:(😢💔

Jeff Lilly

When he’s not to tired to get up

Daniela Süring

Die wunderbarsten Hunde die ich je kennengelernt habe 😍 könnte noch mehr so süsse Fotos posten ! 😍
So süß 😍

Monica Palominos

Here it is Lolita!

Monica Palominos

Awww so,cute

Kimberly Collins Lister

This is Biscuit, and we have to be careful not to sit on him because he’s always in blankets.

Tanis Edwards-Ammerman

Under the blankets and with her toys. Also always find her in fresh out of the dryer laundry.

Lynn Patterson

Sweet Boston Babies

Lynn Patterson

Miles and Luna love their blankets

Laura Trischler


Jim Scott

Interestingly, as Snoop has gotten older, now 14, he seems to like being on top of the blankets and even directly in front of my fan sometimes. Even I, who loves to be cold to sleep, couldn’t bear being that cold. His ears are like leather icicles first thing in the morning.

Angela D Moreno

Rest in peace Dibby! Forever 9 years old. ❤❤❤

Melissa Cox

…and my little boy Rhett❤️

Melissa Cox

My baby girl Scarlett in her natural habitat 😂❤️

Kath Twist

My favourite pic of my Scout

Bonnie Steele

Ours has a quilt he lays on that wraps around him when he lays in the crack of the sofa cushions. When we brought him home from the airport we had three baby blankets for him. When we travel he has all three in his kennel.

Beth Anne Miller

Mr. Spikes

Cheri LaPlace

Current situation ❤️

Carol Burek

Loves his sleeping bag!

JoAnna Decker


Lisa Hudson

Or snuggling with the kitty while on my lap in bed.

Rob Doughty

My Sammy knows the term “hot towels” when I open the dryer door.

Christina Robertson

Magda Robertson

Tashia Kennedy

My Zoey….She doesn’t care what shes covered up with as long as shes covered up lol…she loves using her dads jackets😍 her great big

KJ Mauro

Tommy Mauro

Denna Patton

Nope! Don’t know anything about that 😜

Spike Bailey

Maysen is always in a blanket.

Mike Korch


Linny Eaton

These two snugglers everyday , pablo is always hopping back into bed any chance he gets burrowing under blankets , robes , my jumper 💙 definitely the snuggliest breed I’ve ever known:)

Alexandria Sahai

TriniDelite Cherry look familiar

Ana Cristina


Nicole Blakeman Digby

Lola loves her cozy blankets!

Andrea Murray Sams


Noemi Dieppa

My hanky 💔💔😢😢he just cross the rainbow bridge but he was a lovable funny guy that love to cuddle !!! One of my favorite pic of him!!!💗💗💗💗

Jennifer Brigham Buerhaus

Drew Buerhaus

Glenda Geisendorff

Tug my 2 year old sleeps under the covers. She makes me hot

Janet Dutra

Oh yes!! Our two LOVE their blankets!! I even warm clean ones in the drier on cold nights!! Spoiled!!

Samantha Warren Miller

Lauren Miller

Valerie Jung Gilbert

We named our girl Haley Bugg. So when she’s wrapped up, she’s def Snug as a bugg in a rug.

Tashia Kennedy

Cute nickname….thats my daugters nickname lol…Hayley(hayley bug)

Valerie Jung Gilbert

Her whole name is actually Van Haley Bugg named after my husbands favorite band. My boy is Sir Pinkerton Floyd.

Kathy Kent Burr

Frog legs. 😘

Kathy Stabler

I think they all love to be covered up!!

Kristin Elizabeth Reedy

My Bella loves to be wrapped up in blankets

Alison Eldridge Moore

Noah Loves warm blankets!!