Cute Puppy with Baby Cats Funny Picture


    Look at this funny picture with is showing a cute boston terrier puppy playing with two baby cats.

    In this picture, the little puppy is biting the ear of a baby cat while the other seems to complain about it.

    This picture was found on the Izismile website in a post with pictures of funny animals.

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    Cute Puppy with Baby Cats Funny Picture

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    Donna Harrell Harrison

    I miss my cat Sugar she was 20 years old and had her bluff on all the dogs. Gracie and Rocky think Cats and kittens are toys to destroy. I need a bad ass Cat but loves humans. Lol

    Donna Harrell Harrison

    I wish i could have a baby kitten and Boston. But i couldn’t have my two big babies now they’d kill the kitty and be too mean to baby Boston.

    Nicky Robinson

    Love the way the puppy’s chewing on kitty’s ear.

    Funny Picture

    They are so cute =)