Do Boston Terriers Shed? Do Your Boston Terrier Dogs Shed Hair?

Do Boston Terriers Shed Hair?

Do Boston Terriers shed hair? This is a frequently asked question by many people who are considering to get a Boston Terrier.

Yes, Boston Terriers shed hair but they don’t shed a lot and they are easy to groom because of their short hair.

Boston Terriers are actually one of the dog breeds that shed very little hair.

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Why Boston Terriers don’t Shed a lot of Hair?

The reason why Boston Terriers don’t shed a lot of hair is that they have a short single coat. Boston Terriers are also considered one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. If you think you are allergic to dogs, Boston Terriers might be the breed of dogs that you would want to get.

Usually, the dogs shedding is a natural way of removing dead hair. It eliminates dead hair to allow a new coat to come in for seasonal changes in temperature. But because Boston Terriers are indoor dogs, Boston Terriers are shielded from the extreme temperatures, which causes their natural body regulation to get thrown off balance. Every time Boston Terriers are going outside, their bodies registers a change in the temperature and they continue to shed. This is why Boston Terriers do shed all year long.

Boston Terriers Shed very Little but…

Even if the Boston Terriers shed very little, these dogs also needs to be groomed to get rid of the excessive dead hair on their coats. A regular house cleaning (once a week) is only required to remove all of the short dead hairs on the floors and furnitures.

Your Boston Terrier(s) Sheds More?

If you suspect your Boston Terrier sheds more than normal, you should contact your veterinarian. Boston Terriers could sheds more than normal if there is a problem with their health.

Do Your Boston Terrier Dogs Shed Hair?

Leave your comments with your personal experience about your Boston Terriers shedding hair!

What do you think?

  • Amy Ahrens

    Hardly at all

  • Nancy Siwik

    yes they do

  • Chris White

    never has yet

  • Claudia Murray Smallwood

    Ours hardly shed at all.

  • Mary Cleveland Evans

    yes they do!

  • Deb Powell-Smith


  • Jana Lively Vyhnanek


  • Lynda Sheaffer Reiber

    Not a lot but some…

  • Keshia Bowen

    Never noticed too much at all

  • Jenny Penrod

    It’s minimal but mine do some! Especially after a bath, swim or rain soaking!

  • Debi Bennett

    Our Harley does for sure!

  • Gingi Tilbury

    My dog really only sheds a little mid summer. I brush her once or twice and it stops. There isn’t hair on furniture or my clothes at all.

  • Megan Mays

    yes, not too bad tho. seems like he sheds more of the white hair around his neck because that’s where it is the thickest.