Do you have any Experience about Cherry Eyes?


Here is a question from Nunthaporn asking other Boston Terrier owners about the Boston Terriers with a cherry eyes.

She says : “Do you have any experience about cherry eyes? Thank you”

Does anyone have any experiences?
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Do you have any Experience about Cherry Eyes?

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Cody Smith

Airi Nunez

Ninoska Titinger van Oordt

My dog Pecas had it this June and the operation went well; she’s perfect now.

Susan Williams Martin

Our Peaches had it. I checked on line and it showed how to push it back in place. Followed the instructions. It never happened again

Ann Deerinwater

I have a small dog with a cherry eye. They can be removed or leave them alone. My Vet says they are harmless.

Susan Blackwell

My Boston had cherry eyes both eyes (separate times) My vet advocated having the gland removed. It’s a straightforward op., with just eye drops in for a week. Some vets pop it back in and put in a stitch, but it may not work… then it may be a referral to an ophthalmologist vet. Get it done right away. Best wishes.