Do you have any Experience about Cherry Eyes?


Here is a question from Nunthaporn asking other Boston Terrier owners about the Boston Terriers with a cherry eyes.

She says : “Do you have any experience about cherry eyes? Thank you”

Does anyone have any experiences?
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Do you have any Experience about Cherry Eyes?

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Cody Smith

Airi Nunez

Ninoska Titinger van Oordt

My dog Pecas had it this June and the operation went well; she’s perfect now.

Susan Williams Martin

Our Peaches had it. I checked on line and it showed how to push it back in place. Followed the instructions. It never happened again

Ann Deerinwater

I have a small dog with a cherry eye. They can be removed or leave them alone. My Vet says they are harmless.

Susan Blackwell

My Boston had cherry eyes both eyes (separate times) My vet advocated having the gland removed. It’s a straightforward op., with just eye drops in for a week. Some vets pop it back in and put in a stitch, but it may not work… then it may be a referral to an ophthalmologist vet. Get it done right away. Best wishes.

Linda Beeson

Penny had a cherry eye, we flushed it with saline solution which usually works for cherry eye..but, hers got to the point that surgery was required… as you can see the Veterinarian we take our fur babies too did an excellent job.. her eyes are beautiful…

Kelly Friend

My Boston is 7 yrs old and we’ve never had eye issues. We just got a new French Bulldog puppy and she keeps poking his eye and we keep having to put ointment in it. Vet said it is common but it’s happened 3x in a month. Anyone else have experience with this?

Ricardo Pacova

It’s common. I’d suggest a “tack down” rather than a removal. Although if the tack down is not performed right or you don’t restrict activity while recovering, it can pop back out shortly after the initial procedure.

Bunny Wyatt

Poor baby!

Susan Bailey Bean

Our Keegan (14) had last month. The vet put him on Genteel a human eye drop available at the drug store…. Cleared up just fine.

Matty Bonney

Jessica King

Martina Geraldine-Katherine Oleman

Mine is going on 6 months old has it in both eyes it dosnt seem cause him discomfort but he is booked in two weeks for sugery for both the eyes an to get him fixed all in one day

Jamie Onger

Yes we did. Both eyes!

Constance Hunter

Yes. Had them repaired immediately, worth it. No more worries.

Deb Bill

Anything that involves the eye is an emergency. Always take to vet!

Tania Colquhoun

Often hereditary.

Jeanie Shelton

It can be fixed. Have it tended to, right away.

Patti Jenkins

Let an experienced vet hospital remove it

Daryl Canet

Sherlyn Garcia

Sherlyn Garcia
Nancy Welch

I had a female that had it…her vet gave me 2 kind of eye drops and it eventually went away.

Randy M Stratton

Kelly Reick-Stratton

Jessika Springer

Our Toby had a cherry eye when we got him. Warm compresses and saline drops fixed him up. Lots of TLC!

Jessika Springer
Peggy Williams

I have one that had it…. vet irrigated it 3 different times… never came back…… another one now has it…. I keep massaging his eye when it pops up and the cherry goes down…. He will eventually have surgery… no problems…

Kathy Miller

I love me some Karma!!!

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Previous Boston had to have surgically removed. Never had issues after.

Rick Miller

Yes, this is Karma and after her surgery you can’t even tell.

Vivian Richardson

My Noel developed a cherry eye when she was abt 5 months old. My vet did surgery and it has never come back. she is now 8 yrs old.

Michelle L Panik-Shellock

Yogi has it… said dont worry about surgery but now these stories are making me nervous

Michelle L Panik-Shellock
Catherine Woolford Hoffman

That is a significant cherry eye. I am not a vet or vet tech but I would suggest seeing another vet if you are second guessing your current one. If the other vet agrees then you can decide which vet you feel the most comfortable with and which vet you believe is the most competent. Your current vet would not even have to know that you wanted a second opinion.

Robin Casper


Carissa Larae Bonner

Our boston did when he was young and we thought he was going to have to have surgery. We put saline solution in his eye daily for 2weeks and it fixed the problem. He has not had this in years now.

Linda Osburn

I had my Loosey’s cherry eye removed as a pup when it was showing. No issues later.

Mona Dollarhide

Vet can usually fix it. Aw, poor baby.

Alana Heather

My Boston has had it a few times but it’s gone away by itself. Good luck❤️

Jason Robbins

Yes. I would highly urge you to be mindful of it. Mine had one. The vet said it wasn’t a issue. 2 year later due to it getting irritated. He developed a corneal ulcer and had to have the eye removed. I don’t say this to scare you. Only that the Cherry eye can cause complications and should be monitored

Fabrizio Viola

Still beautiful 😍

Cheryl Estock

Our Mia developed cherry eye when she was about 3 months…I tried to push it back in as suggested but no luck…she had the surgery performed at the same time she was spayed at 6 months…fine since then

Gloria Belanger

My girl gets that oñce in a while..i push it back in softly with my thumb without touching the eye …cant leave it like that cuz shell rub it and aggravate it and thats when you get problems like this lil guy here poor baby

Leslie Provenzano

My one Boston has it but it just comes infrequently and I have ointment I put in his eye when it comes and it usually goes away.

Christianne Petersen Erwin

Perry is a BT, and he was like born with it. When he was around 3 months old, the doctor performed a little surgery and good as new. Sometimes I still notice a little red in his eye , but it goes away fast. Easy surgery meds or creams after…no problems.

Amy Holmen

My Rocky was born with it he had it removed at the same time he was neutered he is fine now he is two years old…it was his left eye (right in pic)

Melissa Ann Dancer

Yes once they put it back and he was good to go –

Denise Centeno

Just have it snipped off at the vet.

Helen Hoit Laird

We’ve had three BTs and all three had cherries. The surgery isn’t hard on them. The cherry eye would come back on the last two but only last a day or two and go away for quiet awhile.

Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

That’s what they call a Haw and can be fixed easily. My grandmothers cocker spaniel got them from Tim to time. If I’m no mistaken it’s caused by a clogged tear duct.

Jill Allen

Jain Squires

Adriana Gutierrez

I had a Boston named Bella with a cherry eye. It never gave us problems and the Vet didn’t recommend surgery so we left it, unfortunately years later she had an ulcer in her eye and the eye had to be removed. So no more cherry eye or eye for that matter…We assumed it was from playing with our other boston.

Lynne Ward

That’s sad

Danielle Thorne

I massaged my Boston’s cherry eye back into place when he was a puppy. And never came out again

Sheila Barham

Cherry eye surgery @ 8 months & stitches popped and he had surgery #2 and had doggie downers til he healed. He’s now 5 and has it back. 😫

Eric Patrick Cualing Dulay II

Ely Vincent Ortiz

Eric Patrick Cualing Dulay II

Nikka Noelle Go

Nikka Noelle Go

“Keep their nails trimmed” cut jud always nails ni Stooky

Pat Brown

No big deal easy surgery.