Do you have any Experience and Advice for Cherry Eye Problems?


    Here is a Question from Amy Olstad Picard : Do you have any Experience and advice for Cherry Eye Problems?

    “My 4 year-old Boston has been having problems with cherry eye, and it has recently caused frequent eye infections. The research on removal versus a tuck of the third eyelid is mixed.

    Has anyone experienced this issue with their dog, and if so, do you have any advice, comments, or recommendations? (Different vets have given me different explanations.)”

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    Janeen Miller

    Our Lizzy had the tuck surgery- we are about 9 months from having it done and she is doing great! Our vet recommended the tuck because if he removed the cherry eye Lizzy would have chronic dry eye related problems.

    Jayne Nolan

    My Boston had cherry eye and had the tuck and stitch surgery. The first surgery failed however the second one has lasted for 6 months with no problems yet and no more infections which is good. His recovery after the surgery was quick also