Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?


Here is a Question from Amy Fuller asking if a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day.

“Hi there! I wonder if you could help me? I have been a Boston terrier lover for as long as I can remember!! My husband is also a great lover of them. We both love how loyal and friendly they can be. We have been waiting a long time to get one. We don’t have children but have a nice big house and big garden where it can run around.

Only one thing has stopped us from getting one! We both work. We both work locally so going home for lunch is no problem what so ever. And I was also thinking of dropping the dog off to doggy daycare mid week so he can play with other dogs for the day. Other than that we have all the time in the world. All our weekends are free as are our evenings.

My question to you is do you think a Boston would be ok being left alone some days (7 hours max with an hour gap midway through)? As the only way we can have this dog and spoil it is to go out to work and earn! I know there are very mixed views about this. But as a Boston fan can you give me any advice as I would never want to bring a pup into an environment It would be sad in. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Amy”

Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?

 Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Leave your comments!

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Carolyn Fults
Carolyn Fults

I have 2 Boston’s I work part time but I get and hour for lunch so I come home and spend 45 minutes with them they are fine they are always sleeping when I come home

Diane Sajdak
Diane Sajdak

No ….don’t get a Boston to satisfy your need. The dog’s need is more important then yours. He needs to go out instead of holding it for multiple hours. I worked second shift and my husband worked day shift. The Boston was not alone for more than 3 hours. It worked out for the dog and us. They are special dogs with wonderful personalities . The more attention the better for the Boston. They are an indoor dog. Need a temperature controlled environment .

joe muze
joe muze

They are fine for 7 hrs. I worked 10 hrs had three dogs. They must be walked priorto or after work andsocialized with other dogs and people. I would leave radio on a place where they could look out window. Toys had my little boy for 13 yrs.


He/She would be fine, i have 2 boston boys and they are always good while we are at work, they mostly sleep, some times play. I only work 3 days so they have me the other 4 days..they are 2 of the most spoiled Boston’s you will meet..Now I do not crate them, they are house trained and do keep each other company AND show no signs of mental distress….total spoiled, happy babies…best dogs ever!!


I think he/she would be fine. Coming from an animal science degree and having been a vet tech I believe on occasion that would be perfectly okay. People have to work and have pets all the time. I recently lost a Pug but if need be she could hold it for 12 hours!! I will say smaller dogs usually take longer to house train but look into crate training the puppy. Dogs are descendents of wolves who are by nature den animals. Once the puppy is used to the crate they will sleep in there when the door is left… Read more »

Dawn Henderson

No. all dogs need more contact than that

Marie Buchanan


Kathleen Dallara

NO! They are companion animals. They suffer mentally when left alone.

Lillian Dugan

I would never leave my Boston for seven hours.
She is a little rescue dog and does’t like being alone.

Kathy Carvalho

Yes but we are fortunate that it is not every day – maybe 3x per week though sometimes depending on our work schedules so we got him a frenchie whom he loves to keep him company and a kitty cat too!

Steve Berk

ok probably happy not sure. They’re very connected to family. Perhaps if exercised first thing. Midday time with walker ideal

Anel Slabbert

Never ever no please give you boston to someone who could be a better parent!!!

Viviana Bonazzi

My Boston stays at home alone,not more than 4 hours. It has games and the whole house,but often when i come back,i find it on my bed…🐶😍

Marina Leten

Neem geen hond als hij alle dagen zo lang alleen moet zitten. Honden kunnen dit wel maar dit is toch niet de bedoeling, alle dagen? ???

Patricia Rollins

No. These little dogs really need people about. As Far as I know, they were bred just to be companions.

Deborah Lundeen

Could just get all her puppy kisses.

Larry Mowder Sr.


Lucy Gomez McCay

I have 2 Bostons Bella 7 years & Baxter 12 years and the we’re both crate trained as puppy’s only! They keep each other company when we are at work & they have access to yard through a doggie door. They play, sleep & eat together and we’re gone from 7:30am until 5:30pm. They have never gotten into anything & truly best dogs ever!
I ❤️ my Bostons!!! 🐾

Dalton Austin


Patty Kuykendall

Yes in a nice cage

Patty Kuykendall

I have 8 so some of them in cage or just bed room door closed

Nadia Pereira

More than four hours in a kennel is too much. See if a family member or a paid teen can go and take him for a walk in the midle of that time

Judy Reina


Pietro Gaeta

Yes but for sure think about a pal Bostons due better with a friend.

Betsy Rae Fulmer-orback


Patricia Hamilton

Make sure he has lots of toys.

Mark Deas

As long as there are not locked in a create fro that amount of time. Ours has the run of the house & spends most of the time either on the sofa, chair or in his den just chillin’. He will follow the sun when it comes in through the skylight in early spring.

Livi Thule

No at least not mine.

Debbie Balls

My Rocky had free rain of the house when we were gone and did just fine. He look out the window and watched when we were home. He was a great dog and never ripped anything up and always potty on the paper.I say yes.

Martha Rumskas

NO. They have too sensitive a character and personality. I worked with dogs for years.

Betty Hurcombe

No dog should be left that long

Areta Walker

No cage. Ours run free have two doggie doors to go out back. When younger they had large kennel and building outside. Now they sleep most of day

Buddy Hughes

Happens a million times everyday

Sharon Merryman

Mine is fine, other than accidents. You gotta go, you gotta go. We generally leave the TV on, so there are voices.

Jonnie McCoy

Absolutely not

Tracy Crumly Kral

Our Boston is super clingy but she has the run of the house sometimes from 8 hrs. Only issue is if she’s left too long she will shred a bed if she has one. So now she sleeps on a blanket.

Nicole Roy

I have 2 Babies and they are home alone 4 days a week from 11-3 and they sleep the whole time. Mine have full run of the house. I used to work 8-4 and they’d be home alone that time and no issues ever. Some days I would go home on lunch because I lived literally, a mile away from work….but they’d usually just wait to me or my husband got home. They are also older at 5 and 7 years old.

DeeDee McCall

Buddy has stayed alone for 8 hrs. He now is 9 and it is no big deal. However when he was younger, we closed all the bedroom doors, scooted in all dining chairs and picked up all mags and Such, like baby proofing. Also, to this day we take him out to pee before we leave, even for a few hours. Don’t want to set him up for failure.

Sherry Phelps

I have never left mine alone longer than 4 hours. She was born with a tiny tilted bladder. Even at night I get up 2-3 times to let her out. My parents had 3 Boston’s and they did well with a doggy door.

Rich Bialek

My brother’s dog was fine all day by himself. Had his water and food and most important of all he had his ball so he was always good!

Heather Christine Acheson

Sure. My girl just sleeps all day anyways and I have never had a problem with leaving her in the house

Jorie Spinks

Mine sleeps if I’m at home or work lol not in confined space though

Laura Rugh

Not as a puppy, but mine was always fine, didn’t bark, liked pillows to chew up, then outgrew that, not 5 days in a row either!!!! She would sleep with me then get up and go sleep with the kids

Marsha Hardin Schwartz

I hate having to crate our puppy who is 6 mo. old, but we are starting to leave her out with her brother who is 2yrs now in the afternoons while we are at work. She has been doing fairly well. Once in awhile will have an accident but overall good. I do think they do better in pairs and not leaving them alone. Our Harley would get bored and chew on things (furniture, newspapers etc). So, get 2 when you decide to get a Boston. Best dogs ever!!!!

Sharon Lovelace


Judy Higgins-Parker

I agree…great picture of happy dogs! Yours looks like our Rudy…

Jan Getz-Rayl


Charles Ortega

Absolutely not!!! If they had a companion dog, I wouldn’t feel so guilty leaving for that amount of time.

Kimberly Ann Carriker Rudolph

Only with another furry friend

Valerie Woodgates


Debra Pierce Kreager