Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?


Here is a Question from Amy Fuller asking if a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day.

“Hi there! I wonder if you could help me? I have been a Boston terrier lover for as long as I can remember!! My husband is also a great lover of them. We both love how loyal and friendly they can be. We have been waiting a long time to get one. We don’t have children but have a nice big house and big garden where it can run around.

Only one thing has stopped us from getting one! We both work. We both work locally so going home for lunch is no problem what so ever. And I was also thinking of dropping the dog off to doggy daycare mid week so he can play with other dogs for the day. Other than that we have all the time in the world. All our weekends are free as are our evenings.

My question to you is do you think a Boston would be ok being left alone some days (7 hours max with an hour gap midway through)? As the only way we can have this dog and spoil it is to go out to work and earn! I know there are very mixed views about this. But as a Boston fan can you give me any advice as I would never want to bring a pup into an environment It would be sad in. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Amy”

Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?

 Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Leave your comments!

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Diane Sajdak

No ….don’t get a Boston to satisfy your need. The dog’s need is more important then yours. He needs to go out instead of holding it for multiple hours. I worked second shift and my husband worked day shift. The Boston was not alone for more than 3 hours. It worked out for the dog and us. They are special dogs with wonderful personalities . The more attention the better for the Boston. They are an indoor dog. Need a temperature controlled environment .

joe muze

They are fine for 7 hrs. I worked 10 hrs had three dogs. They must be walked priorto or after work andsocialized with other dogs and people. I would leave radio on a place where they could look out window. Toys had my little boy for 13 yrs.


He/She would be fine, i have 2 boston boys and they are always good while we are at work, they mostly sleep, some times play. I only work 3 days so they have me the other 4 days..they are 2 of the most spoiled Boston’s you will meet..Now I do not crate them, they are house trained and do keep each other company AND show no signs of mental distress….total spoiled, happy babies…best dogs ever!!

I think he/she would be fine. Coming from an animal science degree and having been a vet tech I believe on occasion that would be perfectly okay. People have to work and have pets all the time. I recently lost a Pug but if need be she could hold it for 12 hours!! I will say smaller dogs usually take longer to house train but look into crate training the puppy. Dogs are descendents of wolves who are by nature den animals. Once the puppy is used to the crate they will sleep in there when the door is left… Read more »
Dawn Henderson

No. all dogs need more contact than that