Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?


Here is a Question from Amy Fuller asking if a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day.

“Hi there! I wonder if you could help me? I have been a Boston terrier lover for as long as I can remember!! My husband is also a great lover of them. We both love how loyal and friendly they can be. We have been waiting a long time to get one. We don’t have children but have a nice big house and big garden where it can run around.

Only one thing has stopped us from getting one! We both work. We both work locally so going home for lunch is no problem what so ever. And I was also thinking of dropping the dog off to doggy daycare mid week so he can play with other dogs for the day. Other than that we have all the time in the world. All our weekends are free as are our evenings.

My question to you is do you think a Boston would be ok being left alone some days (7 hours max with an hour gap midway through)? As the only way we can have this dog and spoil it is to go out to work and earn! I know there are very mixed views about this. But as a Boston fan can you give me any advice as I would never want to bring a pup into an environment It would be sad in. Thanks for taking the time to read this! Amy”

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Do you think a Boston Terrier would be ok being Left Alone for 7 hours per Day?

 Does anyone have any suggestions or advice? Leave your comments!



  1. i work from 9 to 4 and so does my gf and Sunny sits in my room until one of us gets home around 4:30 but we make up for all that time by being with him all day and giving him extra love. He is only a month old and hes already a smart puppy. He sleeps with us n knows almost everything i try telling him. Maybe i just have a good puppy dog

  2. I think if you come home and give a break in the day it is manageable but not the best. I think it is difficult for Bostons to be alone … I suppose you have to imagine yourself being alone for 7 hours … its okay but not great. But you also have to work and so I think to have lunch at home is a great idea … or a friend for your bostie … Ag they difficult little guys but you got to love them.

  3. I have a 3 year old Boston Terrier, I got him while I was on my vacation and I spent every day for 3 weeks with him, they are really smarts dogs, I potty trained him in just few days. I work and being home alone is part of his routine, I worried a lot of leaving him until one day I came home early than expected and I look thru the window to see what he was doing, he was playing by himself with his favorite ball and running all over the house, he is a happy dog. That day I came to the conclusion Bostons are not only great entertainers for people they are for themselves. You would have to teach your dog to be independent, mine behaves really well, he does not break or chew on furniture. Bostons are wonderful companion dog but also can be alone and enjoy it, I know mine does, you can get a dog and make him as happy as it would make you, just don’t forget to spent quality time with your dog every day, we play every morning and afternoon, I walk him 2 or 3 times a day.

  4. My Boston Terrier, Summit, is now 10months old and stays at home from around 9-5PM. When I first received Summit (at 8 weeks) I was working from home and spent literally every minute with him around. This was great for training and acquainting him with the world, but he did develop separation anxiety when i would leave. It also helped to reward his potty training and monitor potential accidents. He learned how to alert me when he needed to go (pawing, running in a circle).

    I took him to a doggy day care, where he played with other dogs and got some attention from a trainer. She even did a promotional video with him, where she notes his barking while left alone. Luckily, all is now resolved in regards to his separation anxiety.

    Summit gets a run in the morning and after I get home from work. He loves cuddling with his toys while I am gone (get plenty of toys and varieties).

    I heard somewhere that for every month the dog is, is about how long they can ‘hold it’ in hrs. Obviously capping at a certain point.

    Seems like you are on the right track, Daycare once a week is great for socialization and plenty of exercise. Long hikes or runs on the weekends help too. Summit loves being a bum on Mondays and definitely anticipates Fridays! Lunch breaks with a pup are also awesome : )

    Summit in Training:
    (Stay and drop it are crucial to BT behavior and play time fun, in my opinion)

  5. I have a BT and we try to avoid leaving him alone for extended time; 5 hours is the max. but if i know that we will be away from home longer, I have a dog walker come by the house and take him out for a stroll. I usually find him sleeping on the couch when i get home from work. Also if it’s raining or snowing outdoors he won’t want to go out anyway so leaving him alone for up to 8 hours is fine as he just sleeps. He has plenty of toys and I hide treats around the living room that he can find when he gets bored. I’ve wanted to get him a companion but can’t afford to get a second dog right now. BT’s are very attached to their owners and like to be part of the pack. I DON’T like to leave my BT alone at home and it breaks my heart that I cannot bring him to work with me but unfortunately this is reality. I more than make up for it with lots of hugs and kisses and long walks to the dog park. On occasion my BT gets upset that my partner I leave him alone to out for dinner in the evening or to a party and so when we come home, we see a bit of a mess in the living room i.e. shoes scattered around or something chewed up. This doesn’t happen often but we know that he is upset with us when it does happen. Dogs do have feelings and they do experience loneliness. If you do decide to get a dog, you need to give it a lot of thought and have a plan developed.

  6. My Boston is going to be 8 this may and of course I have to work and cannot take him with me during the day. I feel that when I am home and busy during the day he loves to sleep and that is what he does when I am gone for the day. He is a very happy dog and gets to play when I come home and go for walks and dog park , he never chewed anything or destroyed anything, maybe I am lucky to have such a good dog. But I feel the love you show them when you get home is more than dogs without a home and I know he is truly grateful for this. If you can train your dog to be ok throughout the day I think they are fine left alone.

    • The only problem I have with my boston home alone is….I cannot make my bed when I leave home because when I get home it totally looks slept in……LOL

  7. I am almost afraid to post here! We all get kinda’ ‘heated’ when it comes to our kids (Boston Terrier) but the long and short of is…we don’t WANT to leave our dogs but MOST people HAVE to work and very few places allow you to bring your dog to work so we must do something else. I was lucky enough to spend 5 years 24/7 with our first little doll but circumstances have changes and now I am working again. When there was 1 dog, they had free run of the house. Now there is my B. T. And a boxer (108 pounds) I adore them both and 2 dogs can get into a lot of trouble! So they have matching crates. They love their crates. I say” go get in your little house” and they run in and sit and smile at me. They have beds and toys and are very comfy. The moment I get hone they go out to potty. The crate doors is are always open when I am home and often they go n there to nap or play. It is their own person space….just like a child will play in his room. It is not a bad thing and people who have to work should not be made to feel guilty by the luckier few who can be with their babies. My heart LONGS to be with my little ones the whole time I am away.

  8. I have gone through both scenarios of staying home with my boy all day when I was unemployed and working from 9-5 / 12-10 with him free to roam alone at home, and in both scenarios he is always sleeping /sun tanning during the day. I take him to the dog park in the evening and weekends and he loves it and has no trouble playing/socializing. He loves sleeping in the day so much that he can’t be bothered playing with me even if I tried to play with him. I think it’s a matter of balance and teaching them to be independent as not everyone will have the luxury of having flexible working hours/ working close to home to be with their BTs 24/7. You also don’t want them to develop separation anxiety disorder or become dominating/dictating when you should be around. We have a saying for my boy at home, he sleeps all day and parties all night! :) Irene Tan Darrell Oliver De Cruz De Cruz Wayne Randall

  9. I have an older dog (10 yrs) and she has adjusted just fine to being left alone (tho she does have another BT for company, who is crated; she isn’t). I have only had the older girl for 6 weeks.

  10. yeah, but you need to train them to be dependent, use puppy pads or doggie door, have a comfy bed, maybe tv/radio on, leave a safe chew toy/bone so they dont chew the furniture. my dog is left alone while i go to work and he does fine as long as the baby gate to the living room is closed.

  11. I have two Bostons at this time, one 2 years and one 9 years.
    My family has had a total of 6 Bostons.
    We LOVE this Breed.
    We try not to leave the dogs alone any longer than 4Hrs .
    We have a dog sitter come in (she is AWESOME) , the t.v. is left on, and they have a Bay
    Window to watch out of.
    These dogs are PEOPLE oriented.
    However, be prepared, mine sleep with me and my husband.
    They are spoiled beyond belief .
    And once you become a BT lover you will never go back.

  12. My BT can last as long as 8 hours on occasion, but I don’t leave her everyday. I usually try to bring her along with me as much as possible. Generally we leave her alone no longer than 4 hrs at a time.

  13. My Alex was home all day while I was at work. I didn’t cage him because he had a nice wicker doggy bed with pillow and clean blue pillow case on it. He was blocked off in the kitchen with south windows so had plenty of “shine” to lay in and I kept the blinds up about 6″ in one if them where he could look outside. Also left the radio on so he had a little noise. I always told him goodbye mom’s going to work now I’ll see you later … Spoiled? Yes he was. He has been gone 11 yrs and I still miss him );

  14. He’ll be fine I have 2 BT. They nap most of the day. francoise you r wrong. Don’t give such stupid answer as change your career. This is the real word. Get your Boston he’ll be fine. They adapt and will love you more when you come home. You extremist are rediculious

  15. My Boston has to be alone when I am at work and she does fine I spend extra time with her on my days that I am off, like the previous they sleep most of the day. I say it is still a lot better to have a rescue dog that might miss his owner for a while than being left in a shelter or who knows worse.

  16. Sorry I think this is disgusting! Why have a dog if you just want to abandon it for this unacceptable length of time? Sounds like you either have a job and get a dog sitter or you go part time or not have a dog. Love my boy way too much to leave him for more than 4 hours roughly, just so cruel. I don’t know where you live but here in the UK there was a tv programme on dogs left at home with CCTV watching them. It was heartbreaking. Viewers cried and the owners were devastated at what they had put their dogs through. Sorry if I come across as harsh but would you leave a child at home alone for that long?

  17. I do not find it ok to have a highly sociable & clingy dog like a BT and leave him alone for that many hours. Sure they can adapt, but why have a dog in the first place if it can’t be part of your day & know it will be miserable hours every day waiting for you? That dog would suffer.
    Maybe you can try to re-consider your career or involve the dog? Day care would work, or maybe have him with a dog-lovng neighbour with other dogs?

    • Not true at all. My boston is not only left home alone during the work day, but he is left home alone crated during the work day. When I put him in the crate in the morning before my shower, he is sleeping in his crate when I get out of the shower. When I come home from work after the work day, he is fast asleep in his crate. He is not sitting around being miserable during the work week day waiting for me to get home. Instead, he is sleeping. Also, I know that he is not suffering during the work day alone because I am with him during the days on the weekends where he also is sleeping pretty much the entire day. It may take a boston some time to get used to this routine if he or she is not used to it, but once adjusted bostons do just fine on this kind of schedule and know many other people who also do the same with their bostons. Many people cannot be with their bostons during the work week day because they have to earn a living which cannot include their boston. Check out my boston’s facebook page, and you will see that he has never suffered a day in his life and is extremely well socialized and happy dog.

    • You cannot say it is not true at all, there is not only black and white. Only humans get the idea to cage a dog… as if having to keep them in apartments in inner cities isn’t sad enough.
      I have had dogs for 32 years, and all clearly showed their discontent and sadness when we had to leave and got clingier every time we had to stay apart for hours in certain phases. Consequently, I shaped my life according to my dogs, and not vice versa.
      You need to do what you think is right, but a dog spending half his day sleeping is not the kinda life I wish for any dog. They want their fam around.

    • Every dog is different and carry with them their individual histories and backgrounds so I agree that there are unique situations. However, a dog spending half of his life sleeping is the kind of life we should wish for every dog. Studies show that adult dogs sleep on average between 12-18 hours a day which is at least 1/2 of their lives. Studies further show that dogs do not sleep as deeply as humans and only spend a much smaller fraction of their sleep time in rem sleep so that they need more hours of sleep than humans to get enough rest. Also, dogs are den animals and do not instinctively find confined spaces, like a crate, problematic and actually find them to be comforting. Den animals find the den a safe place because it provides safety and limited means of ingress and egress. If you crate train properly, you will find that your boston will learn to love his or her crate. My boston often goes into his crate on his own in the middle of the day or early evening when he wants some quiet time.

    • I am aware of the sleep habits of dogs and the kennel discussions pro and con :). I still believe the tendency to misuse it is very high for most people, because when they work and have a career, where will be realistically the time to train them with the needed patience and affirmation? I hear many cases of people closing the kennel, hence turning it into a prison with the dogs barking half the day.
      Also when it comes to everyday life, most people will eventually not find the energy with all obligations (household, duties, doc visits, friends, hobbies…) on the side to give the dog enough quality time. I am not saying you do or don’t, I am talking about a realistic viewpoint that everyday life is less about the romantic vision of wanting to have a dog companion, but how intense life with a dog is.
      I stick to my attitude that a dog is not supposed to spend his days alone. 7 hours no way. Least so a COMPANION dog like a BT.

    • Well, we agree on the points made in your last post. I never, ever would use the crate as punishment or to unduly confine my boston. Also, if you leave your boston home alone during the day, then you really do need to each and every day make a special effort to make sure you spend quality time with your boston. 9 months of the year nearly everyday I take my boston to the dog park for at least 1 hour and usually longer. I also play with my boston for at least another hour at home (and longer on no dog park days) each and every day. He also gets two walks each day and plenty of time lying next to me on the couch. I absolutely agree that you need to spend quality time with your boston because to be happy they require this as very social dogs.

    • Wonderful. The lady asking is a first-time BT (potential) owner, and hence I believe she should really re-consider her wish. Maybe better wait until life circumstances change (working from home, children.. an older family member moving in?!) and rescue an older dog or a pair in the meantime that do not crave human contact as much as our beloved breed does?
      My Boston was misery when I tried to train her not to follow me everywhere like a sunny shadow. It was just part of her character. That’s part of their huge love & charm.

    • Well, I should add that I have lived the routine above with my boston also as a first time boston terrier owner and don’t agree that the OP should not consider a boston in her situation. I also do not think that an older dog would be the OP’s best choice. Older dogs often are set in their ways and have difficulty adjusting to new routines. If the older dog is not used to being left alone for long periods or crate trained, leaving an older dog home alone during the day may be very difficult to train the older dog to do without problems. A young dog in my view can be much more easily molded into the routine I described in most circumstances.

  18. No problem. My boston has been left home during the work day for the last 3 years and since he was 3 months old. He just sleeps when left home alone during the work week day and is more active at night. Your boston will easily adjust to this kind of schedule where he is alone during the work day left to sleep and then plays and is more active at night. In fact, during the weekends when I am home with my boston all day he pretty much does the exact same thing during the weekend day that he does during the day when left home alone during the work week — sleep. Also, my boston is one of the most social bostons that you will ever meet so I do not think that the social nature of these dogs is any impediment to leaving them home alone during the day. Dogs sleep quite a few hours per day and much more than people. As long as you are prepared to spend time with your boston at night (and quality time playing with your boston), then your boston will do great being left home alone during the work day.

  19. Depends on their behavior and level of training. My Boston does fine alone, but he is house trained and is not a chewer, and we obviously only ever leave him for extended periods of time if necessary. He’ll just sleep. Just be sure to spend time with them after you get back and play with them to get their energy out. We take ours out to play catch everyday so he’s exercised.

  20. I don’t like to but my BT has been left home by herself for at least 6 hours and has done fine! She just sleeps and has never gotten in trouble. But we do go for an hour walk every morning which does help her get her energy used up.

  21. I leave my house at 7:15 am and return around 5:30. My 7.5 year old is now alone in the kitchen since my boxer died. So far he’s been ok. He has some toys and a treat filled ball to distract him. I’d love another toy that wouldn’t open until a certain time to give another stimulant in his day. When I get home, he’s still the same happy boy I’ve seen everyday, so I think he’s ok….