Do your Boston Terrier dogs ever Sounded like Bruce? (Video)


Sometimes these Boston Terriers can make funny sounds? Isn’t it? Here is a video of a one year old Boston Terrier named Bruce who makes some funny sounds when he sees another dog across the street.

According to his owners, he loves other dogs and this is the way he sounds when he can’t go play with them! 🙂

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Kim Hillstrom

My Little girl does this when she wants to play with her uncle. Pretty funny. Dogs do make some strange sounds. Boston’s are known for their strange sounds that come out of both ends.

Jo Clark

That’s one of the greatest I’ve seen. My Boston, aside from the usual snorting when sleeping, only makes funny sounds when she’s sniffing around on the floor. It’s a combo of snuffling and whimpering … hard to explain, but this Boston in the video takes the cake!