Does Anyone Else Experienced Allergies with their Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Natalie asking other Boston Terrier owners if they experienced allergies.

She says : “My 4.5 month old Boston regurgitates whenever he runs around a lot (and is excited).  He regurges his puppy treats with white foam when he’s in puppy class because he loves off-leash puppy play. I am told he does the same at daycare.  He is fed three times a day, and we have given him pepcid-ac to help with stomach acid but it still happens.  Certain furry toys also cause him to vomit – it’s as though they tickle his throat.  We’ve seen two vets already and meeting with a holistic vet tomorrow.  Going to start cooking his meals soon to eliminate allergies. Does anyone else experience this with their Boston?”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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Does Anyone Else Experienced Allergies with their Boston Terrier?

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I am the original poster, and it turns out that my puppy has a sliding hernia in his stomach/food pipe causing the regurgitation. He is on medication and it is rarely an issue now. Thank goodness for our specialist vet who diagnosed what no one else could. Hope this post helps others.


We had to switch to small low grain meals to 5 to 6 times a day to reduce his issues. An additional benefit is his gas is much less smelly.


My 12 year old Sophie still does it. I think it’s just the excitement in them…..crazy Bostons!


My Boston was exactly the same as a puppy. After months of vet visits, who kept telling me to try another dry and/or canned food and were wanting to do tests on her that cost hundreds of dollars, I made the switch to a raw diet (chicken wings, necks, feet, lamb chops, heart, liver etc) and I had instant results. I also feed her a big teaspoon of natural yoghurt once a day to keep good bacteria in her gut and she has a tin of sardines in oil once a fortnight to keep her coat shiny. She has ZiwiPeak… Read more »

Chris Michael Trainer

Mine is allergic to grass, she had a drain tube in her ear last week from a broken blood vessel in her ear. The tube came out Monday and now it’s swollen again. Her fat rolls get infected. She sun burns easily and she’s on puppy Prozac.


What do you give your Boston to help with the allergies

Maria Fernandez O'Donnell

Had a #boston for 6 years, at the vet for various issues nearly every month which I now believe was due to Burns & Royal Canine dog food recommended by the vet. He passed away die to brain cancer 1 year ago. My 2 yr old female eats Orijen and we have never had a problem with her health.

Jacqueline M Keefe

My previous dog who lived to 15yrs was on burns and now my 3yr old is on burns. They have been fine

Margie Smith

I have a new puppy just gotten today.. vet checked and all but noticed tiny round flat crusty spot or two on top of her head.. shes a brindle/fawn and its not that big but wondered if maybe it was cradle cap or something that human kids get.. boston terrier 6 weeks old

John R
John R

Our BT has exhibited this condition since she was a puppy 10+years ago. It seems to be most prevelant when excitement is involved (e.g. other dogs, visitors, animals in the yard, etc.). We have tried allergy meds, steroids and one vet even recommended soft palate surgery that solved nothing. While it has been unsettling for her (and us in public situations), she has lived a full and energetic life. She has actually learned some self maintenance tactics to calm herself down when she gets excited (e.g. calmly gnawing on a favorite toy). We’ve had 4 other BTs and none have… Read more »


Thank you, John. We were wondering if it was a soft palate issue as well – but we will proceed with caution there. It is reassuring that others have travelled a similar route, and that it is a condition that won’t prevent him from living a full Boston life.


Kenny L Taylor-Sutton

Yes really bad and my baby is 6 months. It’s seasonal, it’s vaccinations, it’s excitement a little bit of everything

Nadia Pereira

Yes my Boston has delicate eyes and skin.I give him 1-1and 1/2 Benadril pill and eyes drops every night before he goes to sleep

Gordon Coop

Yes we have had three that had allergies.

Sherri Motl

Allergic to flea bites, grass pollen, tree pollen, yearly vaccinations (benadryl ahead of the shots, which were always puppy shots: probably the eggs), chicken… all for our male Yoda. Our female Skeeter was tough as nails, no allergies. Stubby, my first Boston reacted to fleas and grass.

Patti Jenkins

He is precious! My BT has allergies but not like that. Poor baby. I hope you get some answers soon.

Preston Gordon

Mine has bad allergies and we cant figure out what causes it. I cut a claritin into quarter pieces and give him 1 a day it works wonders and way cheaper than prescriptions from the vet

Maryl Bennett

My girl has allergies in the Spring, and Fall. I give her Benadryl.

Becky Casto Ledford

We sometimes have red eyes due to allergies but a little benadryl helps

Terry Moore

One of mine has to take liquid children’s Benadryl before she goes outside in the spring and summer or her eyes swell and itch.

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

Yes, she was on 3 different meds.

Ripley Smith

Very bad allergies for our Sydney. We’ve dealt with it for almost her whole life. Tried and done everything over the years. Prednisone, Apoquel, Cytopoint injections and Malaseb shampoo.

Laurette McMahon

Also maybe he is eating his food to fast or it’s the heat causing regurgitate foam. Or wait awhile and let him digest his food before letting him run around and play.

Laurette McMahon

Blue buffalo called “Basic” salmon & potato I feed this to my bull dog and my Boston Terrier loves it too. single Animal Protein Source Omega 3& 6 for skin & Coat Health “Pumpkin” for Gentle Digestion Also yogurt is good for dogs digestion as well, plain or add strawberry flavor for added variety. A spoonful mixed in with his food. My bulldog has allergies and he is on Benadryl twice a day. My Boston has no issues with allergies but if you give the Boston Terrier make sure you only give him half the Benadryl and watch him. He… Read more »

April Lee

Mine that has passed was allergic to all trees grasses and corn. I used to dream him fish and green beans. He took prednisone daily.

Heather Michaud

Gibbs has an allergy to something that Makes his ears red and itchy. Not sure if it’s pollen grass or something of seasonal for the summer, but it means I have to give him Benadryl twice a day. He’s only 20 pounds so I have to cut them, but I guess it could always be worse

Kimberly Swihart Balakrishnan

My Boston has something similar, and it took us nearly two years, various tests and an internal medicine vet to diagnose. She would regurgitate foam or food, especially after getting up quickly or after play. The vet said our Boston has slow motility in her digestive system, and he prescribed liquid Zantac, cisapride and very low fat (1%) wet food. She was also checked to ensure it wasn’t megaesophagus or anything else in her digestive tract. I’m not sure if the original poster’s dog might have same exact thing, but just commenting in case!

Natalie Crenna

Thank you, Kimberly! This does sound very similar to my pup. I will keep this in mind as we continue the path to diagnosis. He’s had xrays (with and without barium) so we can hopefully rule out megaesophagus. He was also prescribed something similar to liquid Zantec (called sulcrafate). We will see what results we get when we stop giving him kibble. If it’s still an issue I will likewise seek an internal medicine vet. Strangely, he rarely regurgitates his meals, it’s just treats (which are the same as his meal food) or water that he has between meal times.… Read more »

Kimberly Swihart Balakrishnan

I hope your dog is feeling better soon! Good luck 🙂

Stephen Miller

Yes. My 2 yo BT has environmental allergies. Gets a monthly shot.

Nancy L Strong

Mine were allergic to grain and chicken.

Jeremy David Schachter

I give one Benadryl a day to my BT. Helps

Debbie Maddux St Romain

Yes, Sophie has had allergies all her life. Sees an allergist, eats grain free food, no fragrance in detergent or dryer sheets, oatmeal shampoo.

Tim Hunter

If crazy is an allergy yes

Shelly Hahn

Yes!! My 8 year old has Allergies so bad she has been on medication since she was 2. We changed her food and she gets a bath in Oatmeal shampoo from fosters and smith

Rada Chesser

Yes. Mainly her feet.