Does Anyone Else Experienced Allergies with their Boston Terrier?


Here is a question from Natalie asking other Boston Terrier owners if they experienced allergies.

She says : “My 4.5 month old Boston regurgitates whenever he runs around a lot (and is excited).  He regurges his puppy treats with white foam when he’s in puppy class because he loves off-leash puppy play. I am told he does the same at daycare.  He is fed three times a day, and we have given him pepcid-ac to help with stomach acid but it still happens.  Certain furry toys also cause him to vomit – it’s as though they tickle his throat.  We’ve seen two vets already and meeting with a holistic vet tomorrow.  Going to start cooking his meals soon to eliminate allergies. Does anyone else experience this with their Boston?”

Does anyone have any suggestions, experiences or recommendations?
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Does Anyone Else Experienced Allergies with their Boston Terrier?

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I am the original poster, and it turns out that my puppy has a sliding hernia in his stomach/food pipe causing the regurgitation. He is on medication and it is rarely an issue now. Thank goodness for our specialist vet who diagnosed what no one else could. Hope this post helps others.


We had to switch to small low grain meals to 5 to 6 times a day to reduce his issues. An additional benefit is his gas is much less smelly.


My 12 year old Sophie still does it. I think it’s just the excitement in them…..crazy Bostons!

My Boston was exactly the same as a puppy. After months of vet visits, who kept telling me to try another dry and/or canned food and were wanting to do tests on her that cost hundreds of dollars, I made the switch to a raw diet (chicken wings, necks, feet, lamb chops, heart, liver etc) and I had instant results. I also feed her a big teaspoon of natural yoghurt once a day to keep good bacteria in her gut and she has a tin of sardines in oil once a fortnight to keep her coat shiny. She has ZiwiPeak… Read more »
Chris Michael Trainer

Mine is allergic to grass, she had a drain tube in her ear last week from a broken blood vessel in her ear. The tube came out Monday and now it’s swollen again. Her fat rolls get infected. She sun burns easily and she’s on puppy Prozac.