Does anyone else’s Boston Terrier have a dull Coat with Dandruff?


Here is a question from Alida asking other Boston Terrier owners about her Boston Terrier’s coat.

She says : “Does anyone else’s Boston Terrier have a dull coat with dandruff? I’m taking him to the vet this weekend. He’s 10 years old and he has bald spots on his coat. He doesn’t act sick but his hair is thinning in patches. I understand it may be a skin condition or his diet.”

Does anyone have any advices or experiences?
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Does anyone else's Boston Terrier have a dull Coat with Dandruff?

Does anyone else's Boston Terrier have a dull Coat with Dandruff?

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Terrance Thacher

Golf balls

Terrance Thacher

Mine eats golfnalls

Carol-jane Horn

Ask your vet to suggest an easily digested pet food for coat. Or try adding 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil to their dry food.

Carol-jane Horn

Try feeding them 1/3 can of tuna fish in oil or canned salmon 2 x a week for 3 weeks and see what happens.My Boston Loves fish of any kind . Be careful of mercury exposure .

Alana Heather

Fish oil on his food

Stephanie Moreland

Was going to suggest same thing. Our vet had us do this with ours and it was awesome!

Darrel Head

Exactly feed him quality food science diet IAMS it will glow


Me Boston did have that problem and it was thyroïde issues. Once he was on pil (tyrotab)he was fine.

Jim Isaacs

A can of tuna in oil, once a week. 😎😎😎

Sherri Motl

Watch the diet, and also for allergies.

Linda Hunter
Linda Hunter

Your vet will know what’s best. Usual culprits are diet and grooming.

Melissa Leonard

Sometimes they get dry skin or allergies. I put a light coat of organic coconut oil on mine, makes him shine & keeps him from itching, or having dandruff

Mikayla Quilaton Knorr


Stefanie Shannon

Yes, even on a grain free diet so the vet as me adding fish oil to the food.

Megan Mays

Mine only has dandruff after his bath, so i sprat a conditioner spray or put baby oil on him while he ia still damp. His salmon dog food and omega3 supplement help too.

Makiri Sei

We started giving her coconut oil and salmon oil with her kibble. It didn’t reverse the hair loss on her belly (it is a common condition among many Bostons but just cosmetic; she has healthy skin), but her coat has become very glossy. Even her vet remarks how shiny she looks.

Pat Waskow Mills

No grain and omega 3 liquid from vet(wellectin)

Merri Alexander

Also we feed frozen green beans and raw carrots for treats–no grain products.

Merri Alexander

We feed ours a raw diet and the “liquid” in the raw diet makes the difference. they are five years old and have not had a bath! No dandruff, no smell, no sticking dirt…

Sue N Murray Pritchard

We feed our oldies raw meat diet with grated cheese/carrot and yoghurt with 1/4 to 1/2 cup of Nutro Wild Turkey which is grain free. They also get scrambled eggs and fresh steamed fish and tinned mackeral with the fish oil. All have VERY shiny coat and very clean clear skins.

Brian Stuart

I switched to grain-free food and noticed a HUGE difference in coat and skin. No more dry skin flaking off, and no more irritations.

Susan Agner

We switched to grain free and flaking, itching was gone.

Gloria Clayton

Don’t feed grains of any kind. Food with salmon, chicken, lamb, sweet potato, duck. No junk people food. My girl just passed this year at 16 and she was as shiny as a seal.