Does Anyone have Suggestions of Dog Toys that won’t be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?

Here is a question from JoAnna Hawkins asking about suggestions of toys for Boston Terrier dogs that will last.

Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share? Join the discussion!

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Does Anyone have any Suggestions of Dog Toys that won't be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?



  1. I bought my Boston Terrier a toy that is made for babies. We adopted Buster Brown at 5 weeks.. As he got older he destroyed every toy I bought him. When I saw this baby toy, a plastic ball with a bell inside it. It was made of a strong plastic and he could not destroy it. He turned 5 years old this past April and he still has this ball. He chews on it and has enjoyed playing with it. So check the toys made for babies and hopefully you will get a good deal on a toy that is safe for babies and can’t be destroyed. Hope this will help.

  2. Buster only touches fluffy toys, Kong Wubba is a really robust fluffy covered squeaker-ball with an animal head and odd octopus legs. Try as he might, it is not dead (yet!). He peels tennis balls but his Chuckit balls have lasted months.


  4. Kongs or soccer balls. We also bought the rubber fling balls, as opposed to the tennis type balls. About Nylabones: a vet we saw said they were bad for dogs, especially younger ones because they are so hard the dogs can actually crack their teeth chewing on them.

  5. I have yet to find anything that isn’t destroyed in 2.2 seconds. Nylabone sand longs have been destroyed by my Sadie. Actually that is her goal to destroy anything she can get into.

  6. Kongs are great. You have to be careful with Bostons teeth, once they lose them and/or wear them down, no going back.
    Tennis balls are the worst, so I only buy Kong tennis balls, last for a long time and teeth friendly
    For the few extra dollars, worth it so your beautiful Boston doesn’t suffer mouth issues later

  7. No raw hide chews! My Boston got one stuck in his throat and nearly died. I could not get it out nor the vet hospital, so finally coughed it out after 3 days….hard plastic toys or thick rope toys.

  8. Yes, a lady told me about toys that come from Pet Value. There’s one in Gilbertsville, Pa. I got him a stuffed fox with a squeaker in its belly. He has had it since the 4th of July and so far it is still intact. It’s a little crusty from him mouthing it. They are a little pricey but worth it as the ones you by in other places last like you said all of 2.2 seconds and they cost around anywhere from $6-$10. The toy fox was 19.99. He loves it and brings it to bed with him. <3

  9. My dog loves these dragons with tear guard fabric lining.

    The largest size is only $10 at my Bed, Bath abs Beyond.

    I podcast several shows including Game of Thrones, so my Maisie needed 3 dragons.

    I yell, “where are my dragons?” and she’ll run around like crazy until she finds one.

    I have had to do a few minor repairs, but after weeks of fighting with and sucking on them.

  10. Empty 2 liter soda bottle. My pit loves those! But in a Bostons’ case, maybe an 8oz. For their smaller mouth. It gets away from my pit and bounces eratically… keeping hey engaged with the inconsistent direction it goes.

  11. Mine don’t like nylon bones or that type. They do like antlers, and what I call knuckle bones. They are vertebrae from large cattle. They last forever. I never ever give them bones they can splinter or chew up. They get caught in intestines. Many years ago I gave one of my dogs a pork rib bone, and he swallowed it whole to keep the others from getting it. He did it so fast I couldn’t grab it and stop him. Not fun afterwards.
    Boston Terriers have sensitive stomachs.

  12. My little boston terrier Xena would chew and eat every toy until I got her a stuffed cat, she fights with it but takes care of it, she sleeps with it, hugs it, takes it to her water bowl and when we wake up before she’ll go outside to potty she has to make sure her cat is ok, we have real cats but she’s mean to them and plays too rough, here’s a picture of Xena holding her cat and my other Dog Ginger

  13. Definitely nylabones and black kongs. My Boston tears up the red kongs. He actually busted up the chuck it ball and a small tire too! Antlers last the longest with our guy and he loves them! We use the black kong ball without any stuffing in the middle
    Hole to play fetch. It bounces and he gets such a kick out of it!

  14. Those cheese filled bones. My Boston will spend hours trying to lick the filling out. And then still chews the bone for days and days. Hey, you never know, this bone had Yummies in it.

  15. My Boston shreds every toy in a few minutes. We take guesses on how long it will last. My mom gave our dog a Duck Dynasty duck, and it has lasted a couple play sessions. The squeaker is still intact! One seam needs to be resewn, but it’s in great shape! Go Duck Dynasty!

  16. my Boston terrier marlee she likes to play with tennis balls i dont buy the cheap ones from dollar tree i would recommend buying real tennis balls from wallmart or any sport and goods store also ropes are good as well my Boston terrier she loves to play tug and war i hope that this helps

  17. 20 minutes tops for any kind of toy, no matter how cheap or how’s a very competitive contest at my house between the two BT’s. It’s like seeing $20 lying in shreds on the floor within half an hour!