Does Anyone have Suggestions of Dog Toys that won’t be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?

Here is a question from JoAnna Hawkins asking about suggestions of toys for Boston Terrier dogs that will last.

Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share? Join the discussion!

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Does Anyone have any Suggestions of Dog Toys that won't be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?

What do you think?

  • Franchelle Williams Arnold

    I bought my Boston Terrier a toy that is made for babies. We adopted Buster Brown at 5 weeks.. As he got older he destroyed every toy I bought him. When I saw this baby toy, a plastic ball with a bell inside it. It was made of a strong plastic and he could not destroy it. He turned 5 years old this past April and he still has this ball. He chews on it and has enjoyed playing with it. So check the toys made for babies and hopefully you will get a good deal on a toy that is safe for babies and can’t be destroyed. Hope this will help.

  • Edith Pereira

    Nope, the kongs are the best

  • Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    Winston loves the nylabone, but he can chew it into pieced which my huband doesn’t like, but its his favorite……..and his teeth are so clean…..

  • Heath Summerlin

    Go buy some thin rope an make a few braids that and a real tennis ball are the only things our Boston doesn’t destroy

  • John Andrews Martinez
  • Summer Dawn

    Deer antlers

  • Laura Jolicoeur

    I agree Kong brand toys have lasted the longest around here.

  • Sandy Hyett

    Buster only touches fluffy toys, Kong Wubba is a really robust fluffy covered squeaker-ball with an animal head and odd octopus legs. Try as he might, it is not dead (yet!). He peels tennis balls but his Chuckit balls have lasted months.

  • Greta Strange

    Rubber toys!

  • Brenda Dushack


  • Robin May Ruggie

    My guy chews on them all the time and we play tug-a-war with them. They are tough.

  • Sandy Bottcher

    Hertz Dura Play toy. Soft rubber & squeaker. My guy’s sharp teeth hasn’t punctured it & he loves it.

  • Sandy Palmer

    I have two BT so all I can say is . . . good luck (LOL)!

  • Cheryl Heidegger

    Mines frisbee has held up for quite a while now ( can’t say that for any other toy I buy her!!)

  • Erin Hartman

    We’ve tried it all, and the winner is: Antlers! We buy naturally shed deer and elk antlers from a local pet and garden store

  • Michele K Domsky-Zeitler

    Kong’s and Nylabone made toys

  • Vicki Daniel

    Kong toys

  • Pam Adams Eller

    Mine tears up every toy she gets too!

  • Curtis Golden

    Kongs or soccer balls. We also bought the rubber fling balls, as opposed to the tennis type balls. About Nylabones: a vet we saw said they were bad for dogs, especially younger ones because they are so hard the dogs can actually crack their teeth chewing on them.

  • Robin May Ruggie

    My guy loves his Nylabone that is shaped like a pretzel and is orange. Its tough. Also try the Kongs

  • Barbara Berube

    How about a busy ball??? You fill it with treats and they try to get them out. It’s not as easy as it sounds and they get exercise at the same time.

  • Kiki Erickson Kline


  • Julie Baldwin Winn

    We have to get the Kong toys $10-20 but they last for a long, long, time. Some Boston’s are stronger chewers than others but it pays to get the better ones.

  • Monica Pereira
  • Paul Hoffmann

    Gooooood Luck!! LoL!!

  • Debbie Herrman

    I have yet to find anything that isn’t destroyed in 2.2 seconds. Nylabone sand longs have been destroyed by my Sadie. Actually that is her goal to destroy anything she can get into.

  • Arsenio Tovar

    JW and huggle hounds are great brands.

  • Linda Franklin

    We haven’t found one yet. Lol

  • Rhona Obouhoff

    Kongs are great. You have to be careful with Bostons teeth, once they lose them and/or wear them down, no going back.
    Tennis balls are the worst, so I only buy Kong tennis balls, last for a long time and teeth friendly
    For the few extra dollars, worth it so your beautiful Boston doesn’t suffer mouth issues later

  • Dana Howard Woodmaster Rance

    Kong brand

  • Patty Groweg

    The one toy that survived Daisy Mae’s puppyhood.

  • Carrie Melissa Beene

    KONG brand toys work well for Boston’s. That’s all I can buy my girl. She kills every other toy within minutes.

  • Debbie Maddux St Romain

    Good luck! I haven’t found one yet! Between my 2 Boston Terriers and my daughter’s 3 they can destroy any toy!

  • Valarie Surryhne

    You could get her one of those stuff toys that doesn’t have any stuffing in it. It does have a squeeie in it.

  • Joyce Miller

    balls on a rope, mine tears up everything too :)

  • JoAnna Hawkins

    Thanks guys!!! I will look into the antlers n we have a kong. She like to play fetch for hours so a bigger kong might work!!!

  • Sharon Barrett

    a hard ball where they cant get their mouth around it

  • KellyAnnPritchard

    Soccer balls. They will puncture them so they can carry em but it takes years to tear em up.

  • Monte Bostondog

    No raw hide chews! My Boston got one stuck in his throat and nearly died. I could not get it out nor the vet hospital, so finally coughed it out after 3 days….hard plastic toys or thick rope toys.

  • Louise Gasper Czuba

    Black kong. My Bostons destroy all other toys in minutes.

  • Aaliyah Moore

    I recommend a 2 liter my dog loves them and pig hoofs

  • Heidi Engler

    BLACK Kongs (she destroys red ones). She hates nylabones. Racquet balls don’t get destroyed like tennis balls!

  • Erika Lessing

    Kongs :-D

  • Jen Griffiths

    Yes, a lady told me about toys that come from Pet Value. There’s one in Gilbertsville, Pa. I got him a stuffed fox with a squeaker in its belly. He has had it since the 4th of July and so far it is still intact. It’s a little crusty from him mouthing it. They are a little pricey but worth it as the ones you by in other places last like you said all of 2.2 seconds and they cost around anywhere from $6-$10. The toy fox was 19.99. He loves it and brings it to bed with him. <3

  • DeeDee McCall

    Nylabone. They have ones just for aggressive chewers. They have a frisbee for play. Buddy finally chewed a piece out of the frisbee after a few years but it still flies.

  • Michele Ford

    I found this really super hard bone that they love to chew on n has laster forever but dont remember the brand.

  • Sandy Carroll

    I like Fugly Friends. They are on FaceBook and www. The only toy I’ve ever gotten that hasn’t been ripped, torn, eaten, etc.

  • Jenny Ottenstroer
  • Jessica Hinton

    My boston loves deer antlers.

  • Patty Russell Street

    JW Pets Cuz Toys hold up about a year for mine. The feet get chewed off with time but they hold up well for my small guys. Petsmart carries them.

  • Rob Erto II


  • Sherry Phelps

    Her favorite ball that doesn’t get demolished!

    • Debbie Herrman

      Nope Sadie destroyed that the same day I bought it!

    • Natalia Forero M

      Mine has had that ball for more than a year.

  • Joseph Ison

    Those blue hand balls. They’re at Walmart in the tennis section but be prepared for balls bouncing and popping out of they’re mouth.

  • Joseph Ison

    Nylabone!! My BT destroyed an antler in a couple weeks

  • Donielle Monique Equité

    My dog loves these dragons with tear guard fabric lining.

    The largest size is only $10 at my Bed, Bath abs Beyond.

    I podcast several shows including Game of Thrones, so my Maisie needed 3 dragons.

    I yell, “where are my dragons?” and she’ll run around like crazy until she finds one.

    I have had to do a few minor repairs, but after weeks of fighting with and sucking on them.

  • Kimmer R. Cashman

    Fat Cat Canvas toys are the only ones that last…and the Kong

  • Coreena Culbertson

    Mine loves empty water bottles

  • Joel Ortiz

    KONG for sure

  • Elisabeth Lervaag

    Mouse/ Rat from IKEA :D Lasts many months :D

  • Hugo Van Der Walt

    My previous Boston loved bicycle tyres, use one of your old tyres or get a new one, you can hang it feom a tree and trust me they will love it and it will last…

  • Paula Brown

    Yes, we get the Fat Cat toys. The fish doesn’t last as long as the trout.

  • Hillary Eubanks

    Antlers and water buffalo horns.

  • Kyle Miller
  • Jeanie Shelton

    They also like plain large rawhide chewies, but you have to watch that too. They will swallow the remnants and have terrible gas.

  • Eric Reyemreh

    “fat cat” brand toys are able to last a couple months for my Boston

  • Renee Winter

    Empty 2 liter soda bottle. My pit loves those! But in a Bostons’ case, maybe an 8oz. For their smaller mouth. It gets away from my pit and bounces eratically… keeping hey engaged with the inconsistent direction it goes.

  • Jeanie Shelton

    Mine don’t like nylon bones or that type. They do like antlers, and what I call knuckle bones. They are vertebrae from large cattle. They last forever. I never ever give them bones they can splinter or chew up. They get caught in intestines. Many years ago I gave one of my dogs a pork rib bone, and he swallowed it whole to keep the others from getting it. He did it so fast I couldn’t grab it and stop him. Not fun afterwards.
    Boston Terriers have sensitive stomachs.

  • Snugglezzz

    I would have to say Kongs. Especially the Dental Rubber Toys, keeps my two out of trouble when they’re in the office with me. And they last months not days!!

  • Todd Albright

    Chuck it balls work great also.

  • Todd Albright
  • Sandra Bennett

    I have a Boston Terrier and I have the same problem. So if you find a toy they can’t destroy in seconds please let me know what it is. Thank you.

  • Ross Marshall Franklin

    Kongs.. All time best!

  • Madison Noel Bowers

    Kong toys and rope toys!

  • Squishy Walnuts

    Only hard balls survive in our house. Everything else gets destroyed.

  • David Cowan

    Try Dynabone brand bones they last our Elvis months

  • Allan Garcia

    My little boston terrier Xena would chew and eat every toy until I got her a stuffed cat, she fights with it but takes care of it, she sleeps with it, hugs it, takes it to her water bowl and when we wake up before she’ll go outside to potty she has to make sure her cat is ok, we have real cats but she’s mean to them and plays too rough, here’s a picture of Xena holding her cat and my other Dog Ginger

  • Tonyia Sillett

    A kong is really good we have had our kong for the last 7 years. now anything other than that is bye bye birdie. so to speak .

  • Cristal LaDiabla

    Kongs!! Our 5month old has such a strong jaw and kong seems to work the best for her!

  • Nana Kim

    Kong, Nylabone or the Petstages tire. Our Boston’s are powerful chewers so we have to get them the heavy duty stuff.

  • Terese Easterday


  • Laura RamBran

    Definitely nylabones and black kongs. My Boston tears up the red kongs. He actually busted up the chuck it ball and a small tire too! Antlers last the longest with our guy and he loves them! We use the black kong ball without any stuffing in the middle
    Hole to play fetch. It bounces and he gets such a kick out of it!

    • Chris White

      Tthey sell antlers and our little fur babie loves them they are pricey though

    • Chris White

      another thing is empty big plastic soda bottles

    • Laura RamBran

      We used to do plastic bottles too! They would really only last for 5 to 10 minutes and then he started getting little pieces off and it would make me nervous! I swear he has teeth like a sawzall!

  • Erica Corvasce
    My dog loves this and can’t destroy it! It’s hard for her to destroy racket balls as well!

  • Cory Curran

    Those cheese filled bones. My Boston will spend hours trying to lick the filling out. And then still chews the bone for days and days. Hey, you never know, this bone had Yummies in it.

  • Jasmin Peaceful Williams

    My Boston shreds every toy in a few minutes. We take guesses on how long it will last. My mom gave our dog a Duck Dynasty duck, and it has lasted a couple play sessions. The squeaker is still intact! One seam needs to be resewn, but it’s in great shape! Go Duck Dynasty!

  • Brandon Holmin

    my Boston terrier marlee she likes to play with tennis balls i dont buy the cheap ones from dollar tree i would recommend buying real tennis balls from wallmart or any sport and goods store also ropes are good as well my Boston terrier she loves to play tug and war i hope that this helps

  • Angela Petta

    Be careful with nyla bones. My Boston cracked a tooth chewing one. They like chuck it balls and kongs.

  • Jonathan Velez

    My Boston goes through the same thing. The only toy she can’t break is a handball. And she loves it

  • Nate Krull

    @BusyTreats I like your bones, but they make my dogs have bad gas and poops

  • Gregory Lewis

    Kong toys for strong chewers. The black “bones” are great. They don’t break apart.

  • Nate Krull

    only things I’ve found were thick ropes and rubbery materials

  • Susan Phillips Wright

    20 minutes tops for any kind of toy, no matter how cheap or how’s a very competitive contest at my house between the two BT’s. It’s like seeing $20 lying in shreds on the floor within half an hour!

  • Kasie Tillman
  • Kasie Tillman

    We use nylabone toys.

  • Christine Proffitt Vanderburg

    black kong…. millie is an agressive chewer.. i found the JW balls are tough too….

  • Boston Terrier Dogs

    Chuck it Ball :)

  • Busy Treats

    We may be bias, but Busy Bones are a great choice, like a toy that can be destroyed!

  • Karla Fonseca

    I would like to know that too. :-)