Does Anyone have Suggestions of Dog Toys that won’t be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?


    Here is a question from JoAnna Hawkins asking about suggestions of toys for Boston Terrier dogs that will last.

    Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share? Join the discussion!

    Does Anyone have any Suggestions of Dog Toys that won't be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?

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    103 Comments on "Does Anyone have Suggestions of Dog Toys that won’t be Destroyed in 2.2 Seconds?"

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    Todd Lane
    Franchelle Williams Arnold
    I bought my Boston Terrier a toy that is made for babies. We adopted Buster Brown at 5 weeks.. As he got older he destroyed every toy I bought him. When I saw this baby toy, a plastic ball with a bell inside it. It was made of a strong plastic and he could not destroy it. He turned 5 years old this past April and he still has this ball. He chews on it and has enjoyed playing with it. So check the toys made for babies and hopefully you will get a good deal on a toy that… Read more »
    Edith Pereira

    Nope, the kongs are the best

    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    Winston loves the nylabone, but he can chew it into pieced which my huband doesn’t like, but its his favorite……..and his teeth are so clean…..

    Heath Summerlin

    Go buy some thin rope an make a few braids that and a real tennis ball are the only things our Boston doesn’t destroy