Does anyone have Experience with their Boston getting Car Sick?


Here is a question from Lori asking other Boston Terrier owners to help her Boston Terrier who is getting car sick.

She says : “Does anyone have experience with their Boston getting car sick? I’ve tried many tips such as booster seats, crates, etc. Looking for something more holistic, as opposed to drugs like Cerenia. I tried 1/2 Dramamine and she got sick on the tablet! I appreciate any tips. I will try whatever to help my girl 🙁 “

Does anyone have any advices and/or experiences?
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Does anyone have Experience with their Boston getting Car Sick?

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Linda Maddox Beamer

Give Dramamine

Marcelo Magalhaes

Fabiola FBersot Magalhães

Tammy Knode

My furbaby would get car sick if she couldn’t see out the window. I have a bed for her and she can see out the window and she’s fine. I am kind of the same way when I fly. I have to have a window seat so I can look outside but if I have to sit away from the window then I get airsick.

Laura Munro


Faye Parton Flynn

sweet baby

Jean Halt

Try ginger snap cookies

Theresa Brown Penning

Dramamine given an hour before car rides. small dogs 12.5 mg

Sandra Bohn

I have never sick in car sleep like babies

Katalin Prikoszovitsné Nagy


Noel Stiles

Medicate or don’t take him / her in the car.

Feronia Cisotte

He feels very anxious 😢😢

Maryl Bennett


Angela Patton Halt

That’s what my vet said for my Aussie that gets car sick and it seems to work! My Boston snuggles in for the long haul and never has an issue

Andrew Goldie

Our Boston hears the clock of car keys and she is off to the car.

Mona Dollarhide

Wait 30 min after Dramamine.

Linda Beeson

My Boston loves to go in the truck but he pants so hard it scares me, any suggestions for panting? I’m kinda worried he might collapse his trakea ?

Marcia May

Mine has been panting for years,not just car rides, and yes I always worry! But he is 12 know, so i guess it’s Ok?

Linda Beeson

Thank you for your input, I was very worried…

Lori Marcus Corah

Thank you all for your suggestions. Will try the booster seat again.

Rita Carlson

I’ve had a Boston who loves car rides, hates car rides, and my current one is somewhere in the middle; I don’t feed him until after a car ride

Bruce Newman
Bill Reardon Sr.

They need to be able to look out the window. It balances there equilibrium

Denise Bough

Mine always got car sick until I got her a soft crate. She does fine now! I guess it makes her feel safe and less nervous.

Robin Canning

Sorry I can’t help my Boston is the best traveling dog we ever had.

Stacy Juncker Price

I had to transport a load of boston terriers for a 5 hour rescue transport and we gave one with issues benedryl for the ride. Slept most of the way and was fine.

Mary Nichols Zajc

I bought Teddy his own car seat so he can see out the windows. No more car sickness!

Chris Brende

Our Boston would get sick in the passenger seat. So we just let her drive. Seems to help. But now she just drives in circles in the round abouts.

Lisa Brooks

CBD oil. I believe they get anxious. CBD oil can help with that they say. I’ve had 5 Bostons and none have ever had a problem. But, probably just anxious. Wishing the best for the pup.

Katja Hoffman

Have you tried using essential oil? It’d be worth a shot, they can do wonders. PM me for more info.

John Rake Jr

Kolbi gets car sick if somebody doesn’t hold him.

Karen Morris

My Boston loves the car rides. I take him with me whenever I can, he sits in his booster seat so he can look out the window and does not get car sick.

Savannah Catherine Brown

My Boston’s don’t eat much when on a trip. Perhaps it’s because they’re so uneasy?

Martina Geraldine-Katherine Oleman

no mine travels very well he loves car rides an trips , but my blue heeler got car sick sooooo baaaaad

Mark Black

My shepherd gets car sick, both of my Bostons laugh at her

Jo Clark

You can get medication from your vet to prevent this. I have had a lot of Boston terriers, but only one did I ever have this issue with. I just didn’t take her with me for ‘fun’ and only used the meds when we needed to go to the vet or something unavoidable.

Tracy M Riddle-Bandy

My Boston is almost 2 and from day 1 he has always gotten car sick even with making him look out the winter . I hate that he does because I would love to take him with me on more rides:(

Tim Rush

My Boston has always been fine riding in the car but I’ve had other dogs that got car sick. One thing that worked was having the passenger hold them so that they can see outside the car where we are going – kind of a pain but it worked.