Does Anyone have Suggestions about a Fixed Male Boston Terrier with Pee Trouble?

Here is a question from Chantal Durand asking about suggestions for her fixed male Boston Terrier that is having some trouble keeping his pee.

“I have a 7 months old male and he is fixed and he has trouble keeping his pee. When you approach he gets on his back and there goes the pee! Do you have good suggestions and tricks i can try?  His name is tyson.”

Does anyone have any experiences, suggestions or recommendations to share? Join the discussion!

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Does Anyone have Suggestions about a Fixed Male Boston Terrier with Trouble Keeping his Pee?

What do you think?

  • DeeDee McCall

    My Boston is 6 1/2 years and normally does not pee except when he sees those he is really excited to see, like my brother. And, we make them excited to see someone like “look, there is brother, look, look!!!!

  • Marien Bournes

    that’s a sign that he knows you are the dominant one in the pack …he’s showing he is submissive to you….good luck

  • Tenten Thee

    Agree with all friends, some trick with normal pee, when i at home open door for him to going to pee at house yard, when door close at night if he want to pee, he will stand in front of door/or look at door means want to going out for pee.(open door for him pls) but when i not at home , i teach him pee in toilet by put piece of cloth which has his pee smell in toilet. so now no pee problem. if no one in house he go to pee in toilet (make sure toilet door keep open, we not want him stuck in toilet when we not at home lolz) <3

  • Lili Richey Willard

    Agreed, Jane. I have 2. I just say ‘Time for bed’ and they jump down barking! Living pogo sticks! Gotta love ‘em!

  • Darlene Warner

    I agree with Jane. It is a sign of submission…if Tyson has been scolded for inappropriate urination, he may be showing he knows his wrongdoing by submitting and releasing urine from the anxiety and excitement. It doesn’t sound like a physical, yet behavioral, issue. Puppies are more prone to this. It should subside as he matures…my Boston did the same thing. This breed is very excitable!

  • Jane McLeod Andreacchio

    It also shows a sign of submission.

  • Sandy Ritchie

    I had a Boston named Peanut that would pee when some men friends came over.She grew out of it.

  • Debbie Maddux St Romain

    I have a 5 month old female that does the same. She peed all over my company today. Embarrassing!

  • Aaliyah Moore

    And its usually only when they get excited or meet new people/things

  • Aaliyah Moore

    My dog was like that he’s a year now its just a puppy stage usually

  • Debbie Rooker

    Patients first. Many dogs pee when they get excited and cannot help it. He might grow out of this : some men have the same probably ! Lol

  • Dominnie Southon

    A friends Labrador had the same problem and his vet advised Cranberry Tablets?