Does Anyone Know What this White Bump could be?


Here is a Question from Stephanie asking other Boston Terrier owners about the bump on her dog.

She says : “Does anyone know what this could be? Starts out as that little yellow/white bump then turns those red spots. Only on his tummy! 😞  

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations?

Does Anyone Know What this White Bump could be?

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Barbara DiMercurio

I use thyme oil spray. Will not use chemicals on my boston. Works incredible.

Patti Jenkins

Vet time!

Dean Zurawski

This is my Buddi (female Boston

Cassie Wenzel

My Boston Always gets them put cortisone cream on them, they have sensitive skin wash them and put the cream on the spot

Jessica Anne

It’s NOT a tick. 🙄 Go to the vet.

Melinda Melanson

ewww……..looks like a tick……..blech

Karen Morris

Go to your vet to be sure.

Susan Doyle

Kant bites that are healing. My Bostons get them. I now go and spray with raid yard guard, wait 15 mns. Then they can go out. We get very few bites if any now

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

Not a tick. Puss blister that forms a sore when it is opened. My male gets it and it happens when he lifts his leg against plants/bushes.

Babs Inglis


Rachel Bourque Dupuis

Tick ! You can look it up on the internet 🙁

Sharon Lovelace

Looks like a tick.

Robin Gray

Are we all vets now? Take the dog to the vet.

Meg Kirkendall

BEST advise❤️

Robin Gray

And the reason I say this, my Boston had a mole on his butt from the day I got him at nine months old. The vet told me it was fine. It turned into a tumor at age 9. I had the walnut sized tumor removed and a puppy sized tumor replaced it in two months. This since last November to April when I put him down. Go see a vet!

Dayle-Thompson Morse

Maybe from rubbing it’s belly on a rug ..?

Vera Duarte Bota

A tick for sure.

Charlotte Spinella

The white bump looks like a swollen tick. After they finally fall off you will see the red areas where they had been attached sucking blood. Do you use flea/tick preventive?

Aaron M. Martinez

Ringworm .. Take it to the vet and have him run a ringworm tex.

Catherine Woolford Hoffman

I would check in with your vet. Typically you can ask to speak to a vet tech and explain the symptoms, if they know right off the bat what it is, they will likely tell you and tell you what to do to treat it. However, if they don’t know they will suggest you bring your pup in to have her looked at.

John Kehoe

A tick

KellyandBoyd Barron

Looks like it’s some kind of bite but don’t know for sure !