Does Anyone Know Why my BT keeps getting Sick to his Stomach?


    Here is a Question from Amy C Hill : Does Anyone Know Why my BT keeps getting Sick to his Stomach?

    “Help! Does anyone know why my BT keeps getting sick?  He does not act like he feels bad but out of nowhere he will get sick to his stomach?”

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    Does Anyone know why my BT keeps getting Sick to his Stomach

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    Terri Schneider

    One of our Bostons had the same problem. We feed them Iams small chunks and they are fine.

    Pablo Ponce De Paoli

    change the food, my be he need some vegetabel, not oil or salt, only cook by water

    Kathleen Meaghan

    Pepcid works! Some boston terriers are sensitive to wheat and grains

    Nancy Warner

    I feed my boston small iams hard food and a little ceasers before that I had her eating IAMS soft food an she puked all the time too rich and she was not digesting it some of those soft all natural organic foods are not good.

    Amy C Hill

    thanks y’all

    Dianne Robertson

    I wrote an answer rather long, but try it!!!! I have had two Bostons the past 20 yrs, you must not feed big chunks, no grease,Moistened dry food, with chick, & small amt. of rice don’t feed cold food. Only baked chicken, NOT fried, Bosties do not chew food they inhale it.

    Dena Shelton Turner

    No corn!

    Gerardo Morissette

    maybe you need to change the croquettes

    Todd Albright

    Any plants that are within reach. Mine was eating hosta(sp?) everytime he was out in the yard.

    Rick Irwin

    how fast is he eating???? Mine had the same ptoblem, I fxed it by putting a rock in the middle of his food dish. This casuses him to slow down and have to eat aroud the the rock in his bowl. Another thing that might help is raise his bowl up. This puts him in a better eatting position / hope this heps

    Will Maxwell

    What are you feeding him? is a good site.

    Nicky Robinson

    These questions just amaze me. Why would you be asking this on line and not taking the little fella to the vet.

    Michelle Strateman

    I’m with the food comments. You can do an allergy test. They are expensive, but save you money in the long run. Poor baby! Poor you!

    Lynda Aten

    Also don’t give a boston anything with soy in it.

    Lynda Aten

    Take him to the vet and have blood work done asap. I lost my boston to a rare immune disorder, she started out getting sick, but didn’t act sick. Check to be safe it worth the cost of the blood test. Good luck.

    Karin Fourie

    I fed my Boston chicken mince and rice and that sorted out her sensitive stomach. Don’t add any salt or spices – just a drop of olive oil to cook the meat.

    Tony Emond

    Boston terriers often have sensitive stomachs and are prone to food allergies. I found out the hard way that my Judi is very allergic to lamb. It can be tricky to find the right food for your little one, but when you do it’s very gratifying.

    Peggy Singleton Proveaux

    Our BT, Blue had this problem. Turns out his stomach cannot tolerate canned dog food.


    My Boston terrier Enzo also does that. Out of nowhere he will just throw up, he’s not even phased by it and he doesn’t even ask sick. I’ve done some research and found that he could have an elongated soft palate which would make them throw up, or he could just have a very sensitive stomach. We have switched Enzo to holistic dog food and he seems to do pretty well on that, but if he drinks too much water and he gets really excited like when he’s playing at the dog park he will throw up the water, it… Read more »

    Katherine S.

    Difficult to say. In our little one’s case, her gut was obstructed by pieces of toys she’d eaten. Hoping yours is better now!