Does anyone knows what are these Lesions on our Boston Terrier?


Here is a Question from Soroush asking other Boston Terrier owners about the lesions on his dog.

He says : “Hi everyone, our Boston has had these lesions on him for about a week now. Initially I thought it was irritation from his clothing but it hasn’t got any better. What do you guys think? It doesn’t seem to be troubling him.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Does anyone knows what are these Lesions on our Boston Terrier?

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Fern Norton Tulloch

See a vet quickly…….. !!!!! Good luck!

Kathryn Thomas

Benedryl works well for allergies but check with your vet as to how much to give. It varies according to weight. Very important! Bostons are full of allergies, poor things.

Bonnie White Wardell

See the vet. My Lucy had very bad blotches. I used coconut oil, it has anti bacterial properties. I would bathe her and then rub the oil on her. Also I switched to a grain free limited ingredient food and put a little of the oil in her food. It took a couple of months but it went away.

Faith Howarth

Yep …..irritant allergy

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

My girl gets this after being in grass.

Wing-Yi Kwan

My pup gets that from chicken or touching those dried grass door mats (took me forever to figure that allergy out). She’s allergic to both.

Alani Asturias

Alergies? Mine has a lot of food alergies… maybe try salmon grain free and better if organic ?

Pamela Powley

Use sudacrem it works wonders as it’s an allegy

Shannon Shay Sexton

My boston gets this from scratching self .

Susan Doyle

My vet told me that it’s from Knat bites and said if my dogs were scratching give Benadryl. It seems to happen in the morning when the grass is full of dew

Christine Voorhees

looks like he was bitten several times by somthing

Brittany Nickerson

Josh Raddish this is what tux’s belly looks like too

Julie Geno

Ant bites???

Gloria Clayton

I agree it looks like flea allergy. Only a vet can give you a diagnosis. I give my Boston a whole Benadryl and rub coconut oil on the affected area. Neither can hurt your puppy.

Lucy Osa Eggroll Gildow

My Boston gets thoes when ever she’s outside. She’s allergic to grass � I give her a half dose of children’s allergy medicine (advise from her vet) and it clears it up and even prevents it if we are going to be outside all day

Kat Newberry

Grass allergies. My pups get them in the summer.

Barbara Bridges Wells-Rose

Could it be allergic to its food?

Holly Ray Romanov

To me it’s just a rash from the grass. I’ve had 6 Bostons and I’ve seen that before

Debbie Oglesby

Allergic reaction

Chelsy Jane Welker

Jose Hernandez

Charlie Fusco

It’s really hard to tell at that distance but it could be a reaction to flea or ant bites. Both need need attention. Go by the vet and have them take a quick look. I recommend NexGard for flea/ticks.


Mine has simila. will be going to vet on Friday. Barney also has two quarter size bald spots on his right side. I am worried.

Constance Howard Smith

A vet visit is a must asap.

Alen Tekavčič
Jenny Lynn

Black fly bites

Wayne Thorning

Monster had a rash like that. Vet said infants Benadryl just a tiny bit or rub cortisone cream on it

WaterGod Cinci

Flea bites and eggs

Mary Jones

my dog has that too, and he constantly scratches himself.. =/

Nancy Edwards

No way to tell vet please just to be safe if still there in a few days

Anthony Beard

Demodex is very common in Bostons. It is easily treatable but can get very irritant if left untreated. Your vet will do a simple skin scrape from the affected area to determine if that is what is causing the irritation.

Kelly McCarn

Looks like he’s allergic to something and it’s inflamed. I’d have vet look at it because folliculitis usually needs antibiotics

Rob McKenna

Could be many things. The thing you want to rule out right of the bat is mites. Bostons have a ton of skin problems, usually associated with allergies tho, so that is most probably the cause, in my experience. As usual the Vet is where you have to go, but having as much info before you go is important, so good for you for asking

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

Lesions are open wounds. I see red blotches. Could be allergy to grass or anything. A male dog lifts his leg and if he did it near bushes it could be scratches or an allergic reaction to the bush.

Jessica Cuellar-Hough

My pup needed to take meds, it was a bacterial infection. She also gave me a cream to help him with the swelling and etching, cleared right up in 3 weeks. Plus he looked cute in the cone of shame 😂

Donna Wilson

Yea, it’s wise to see a vet before it gets out of control. My Boston had a problem last year with this and it ended up being a bacterial infection. With Antibiotic it cleared it up.

Sandra Hezeltine

My bostons had them I just bathe them and put lotion on them. Bostons have skin problems just have to watch and treat

Kathryn Marva

looks like fleas problems or chiggers. Might have little blood stains on his bedding. If so, you need a better or different flea control. Sometimes they get bad, real bad, and just need to change or add one half way between the doses. (Just one time). I ended up having to. and I just went ahead and changed to a chewable from the vet

Isabel Tipple

See a vet, but, can I also recommend coconut oil? Both my husband and dog have had itchy dry skin lesions and twice daily coconut oil rubbed in has completely cured it. Also good taken internally – about a teaspoon ful daily ( in salad dressings for instance).👍

Linda Johnson

Have you had your carpet shampooed recently?Flea meds can cause a similar rash any bathing chemicals or new sweaters or vests for your baby.

Pamela Robbins Thrasher

Yes see a vet

Theresa Brown Penning

Contact dermatitis but a vet check is needed.

Ricardo Zambrano

it is only allergy, i used peroxide for cleaning and a cream name (in spanish) Actifun and everything is going good 🙂 but don’t let your bostie lick the medicine cream.. but consult to your vet before

Cindy Eynon

See a vet