Does anyone’s Boston Howl in the Middle of the Night while Sleeping?

Here is a question from Laura RamBran : “Does anyone’s Boston howl in the middle of the night while they are sleeping”

“My rookie has done it maybe 5 times total in the 3 years that we have had him. But in the last week he has probably done it 5 times!”

“His eyes are closed when he does it, but he lifts his head and then when I say ‘it’s ok’ or go to snuggle him he opens his eyes and looks shocked and then his ears go back. It’s so sad!”

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  1. Megan MaysMegan Mays on

    Yes, Baxter does this several times a day when he sleeps. I know when he begins to dream because his toes spread and twitch. Then his legs jerk like he’s running and his muzzle and eyes twitch. He starts out yipping a few times and then let’s a muffled howl. I love it but wish I knew what he was dreaming. It would be even more interesting because he is blind.

  2. Betty MarcusBetty Marcus on

    Yes, it’s the most eerie thing, scared me, what it really sounds like is a wolf howl in the distance, and he usually is running in his sleep when he does it. My guess would be, it’s some type of ingrained pack memory, since all dogs come from the wolf way back, I believe.

  3. Patty Russell StreetPatty Russell Street on

    One of mine does this, it scares me every time. I have always thought it was bad dreams. I’m not sure what would be that scary as I have had him his whole life. I wake him and he is fine. He goes right back to sleep.

  4. Melissa CoxMelissa Cox on

    My male will do it on occasion if he hears strange noises outside. He also does it if he imagines that there are squirrels outside as well. My female has never done it.


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