Does this Dog look like a Small Boston Terrier to you or no?


Here is a question from Carlos who wanted to ask if it’s a dog that looks like a small Boston Terrier.

He says : “Does this dog look like a Boston terrier to you or no? She’s 2 months old. I’m getting her tomorrow. I’m spending a lot of money for her. I’m only 16 and I’m paying on my own. I don’t want to get scammed. I want a full breed Boston terrier. The guy told me “great quality dog, it’s a female.” I’m in Puerto Rico right now, and I’m getting her from here. I will go back with her next week to where i live in Rochester, NY.”

Does this Dog look like a Small Boston Terrier to you or no?
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Does this Dog look like a Small Boston Terrier to you or no?

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Vicki Lewis

Yes looks like a Boston. I wonder how big she will get

Vera J Fuhs


Karen Morris

Yes adorable. My Boston looks just like this when he was little.

Elaine Perechlin

Mine is almost 12 and weighs 40 lbs. he is a horse!!! Big Boston, all muscle and very tall. People ask if he is a mini Boxer. He isn’t.

TIna Maria Moore


Catherine M Smith

Yes, I had one just like her. She only weighted 12 lbs.

Teresa Hethcox Riddling

This is my baby at 8 wks old. She weighed all of 2.7 pounds. She’s 4 months now and weighs 9 pounds, but yes, I’d say yours is a Boston!

Donna Gautreaux


Linda Rang

its a boston my friend has a little boston

Robin Elizabeth Attridge

She looks just like mine.😍

Judy Willmer

Connie Maloney this is just what you need!

FruityRudy Jenkins

It looks lik a baby boston to me

Paula Norwood Sterling


Janet Tate

Mine looks smaller

Christine Lowe Rieder

Baby at the back is 4 years old…in front is older but normal size.

Christine Lowe Rieder

Yep. Pure bred. Tiny. Cute.

Linda Walters Hess

She just has to grow into her ears. A sweetie

Patti Jenkins

She is so cute. Take her and don’t look back. So much joy!

Patti Jenkins

Puppies can fly at 8 weeks. I’ve done it twice. How much does she weigh?

Julie Blevins

Awe I love to have a girl puppy I’ve got 2 boy boston terriers ! Awesome dogs

Florence Tate

Looks like a Boston chi to me. I have one

Marianne Luz Kane

She does ❤️

Andrew Goldie

Looks just like our Jessie

Sally Mobilio

She’s a Boston! Congratulations! 👍🐾

Deanne Eilers

This is my little man at three months, 4 and 1/2 years later… 38 lbs of BT love!

Melody Weeks Crawford

Always you make sure you know the breeder breeds for health and not for money ! I would wanna see the parents and how they live !! If it’s a puppy mill the moms and dads never feel grass and are kept in pens their entire life so beware !!!!

Denis-Karen Gale

We have two BT’s from the same litter. The female is very small and her brother is very boxy like a Boston but neither of them are what you would call a large Boston. Their mother was a blonde American champion and mine are black with a little brindle mixed in. This puppy is a Boston!

Shonna Noonan


Nelly DeCaesteker

A Boston

Toby E Beal

I don’t know about that ! but age will tell!

Mark Stenvik

She is definitely a Boston Terrier.

Elizabeth Gibson

I have a 10 pound Boston and she will be 1 in October. I thought the same thing considering all my other bostons are 20 pounders

Teresa Mahlandt

Not another pit bull lmao😂😂

Nathan Steiger

100% yes! I love the mini ones, we have two that just didn’t get to full size when fully grown. They are the best!

Joanne Storm


Vouyouka Ageliki

Yes both my bostons looked like this at that age big straight ears!

Glenda Gail Burke

My Winnie looked like that. Never git above 11 pounds but just so sweet!

Dani Apple

La Chy… look at him…. 😍

La Chy

Let’s get one!

Dani Apple

La Chy don’t tease a girl

Georgia Hollander

yes she does look like a small one

Quel Roldan

My little Max. 11months!! So hyper

Lisa Manson

she is absolutely adorable!

Carol-jane Horn

I agree with Sue Orvis looks as tho she has some chihuahua in her. If you love her who cares if not AKC or DNA is only true test.

Sue Spagnolo-Orvis

Looks like a Boston – chihuahua mix

Debbie Oglesby

I had a 12 lb girl and she was definitely a full-bloodied Boston.

Jodi Pangman

11 pounds of pure muscle!!

Bill Citelli


Bob Cowan

Do you want to get rid of it?

Karen Garnett

The dog is only 8 weeks old,it’s going to be small!!! This is Roscoe at 6 weeks….ears already up!!

Charlie Fusco


Jackie Pointer

Yes, why do they keep breathing them so little not good

Kat Newberry

Pretty young to have her ears up already, but yep, it’s a Boston. I have 4 of them.

Jodi Pangman

Look at the breed standard. Weights can be from 9 pounds up to 24 pounds. My 2 girls are 11 pounds.

Kat Newberry

I didn’t comment on weight. 2 of mine are 12-15. I just said she looks very young to have ears up already. No judgement!!

Karen Garnett

Kat Newberry ,my boy with ears up at six weeks…x

Travis Lalonde

I’ve got a girl who’s 2 years old, weighs 20 pounds, and her ears are almost never up. Only when she’s excited. They’re all a little different!

Lorrie Hughes Burks

Our Annabelle’s ears were already up at six weeks. She weighed three pounds and half of it was ears. This is her at eight weeks.❤