Dog named Hank Wanted to Play with the Cat (Video)


Here is a video with a boston terrier dog named Hank. Hank was filmed while he wanted to play with the cat. Hank is from Czech Republic.

This video was shared by Hank’s owner on the Boston Terrier Dogs facebook page.

Does anyone else have a Boston Terrier and a cat?

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54 Comments on "Dog named Hank Wanted to Play with the Cat (Video)"

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Kim Bauersfeld

My Alice avoids my cats….she is blind and I think she feels that they are as obstacles lol

Leanne Marie Ham

My cat and dog play it’s so adorable.

Tammy Melcher

My Boston and cat play together all the time. They are best friends.

Norma Jean Welker Hufnagel

When we go to our daughters Mira (boston) looks for the cat and they play and sleep all day!

Roy McCampbell

My Buster just ignores the cat Tippy