Dog named Hank Wanted to Play with the Cat (Video)


Here is a video with a boston terrier dog named Hank. Hank was filmed while he wanted to play with the cat. Hank is from Czech Republic.

This video was shared by Hank’s owner on the Boston Terrier Dogs facebook page.

Does anyone else have a Boston Terrier and a cat?

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Kim Bauersfeld

My Alice avoids my cats….she is blind and I think she feels that they are as obstacles lol

Leanne Marie Ham

My cat and dog play it’s so adorable.

Tammy Melcher

My Boston and cat play together all the time. They are best friends.

Norma Jean Welker Hufnagel

When we go to our daughters Mira (boston) looks for the cat and they play and sleep all day!

Roy McCampbell

My Buster just ignores the cat Tippy

Nicole Marocchi

My boston terrier Harley is absolute BEST BUDDIES all 3 of our cats!! He bathes them all and they constantly are playing together!

Kathy Oxley

My cat is 18 years old & my 7 yea are old Boston, Bucky play all the time together. She washes his ears & face a lots😍

Lillian Dugan

Yes and my cat gives my Boston a bath -so funny.

Graeme Baker

I’ve a Boston named Hank that loves his cat named Charlie. Best buddies from day 1

Graeme Baker
Brian Piccler

Meghan Kempfe

Meghan Kempfe

Yeaaa except Naja doesn’t play. She just beats the shit outta Mr. Leeeee

Molly Wade

Mine like to chase each other.

Kelley Zablocki

Brittany Zablocki

Carol Kambic

Video looks like my 🐢 and 🐈. It’s taken 6 months but my cat is finally starting to play with my BT who we’ve had since she was 2 mos.

Jo Clark

Yep, my cat and my Boston play together, roll around together, zoom through the house. They sleep together often and even clean each other.

Angela Lanza

They are girlfriends!!❀🐾🐾

David Ringer

Kelly Kruse-Ringer

Anna Lucille

My Boston is a lover but cats always hiss at him lol they reallly don’t like him!

Lia van Wittenhorst

Beau Lieuwes : Jones en Minoes?!

Beau Lieuwes


Lia van Wittenhorst


Kadra Kleszcza

Brothers 😁

Trish Korris

No cat
I do have a Boston …. Hank
I’ll send picπŸ˜€

Bill Naddi

Dayna Mortenson

Dayna Mortenson

He’s so much like Manny! but Manny would be doing his flips πŸ˜‚

Glenda Geisendorff

My Boston came to us as a baby 8 weeks old. To a house with a 5 year old cat. He key her know real quick who was boss and they have been great friends ever since. Play every day together

Torri Madden Perkins

Billy Howell totally dexter and gator!!they even look identical

Jennifer Hudson

If you call this playing.

Walter Hart

My Lola reminds me of a scene from Robocop…
Robocop: Book her
Shift Sargent: What’s the charge
Robocop: She’s a cat killer

Spike Bailey

Maysen and Ivy love each other. Ivy grooms him every morning.

Michelle Young

mine would love to play with out cat..but our grumpy cat isn’t having it.

Christie Lee Boucher

Taylor Ferrari looks exactly like Remi

Taylor Ferrari

Except fatter lol

Cindy Cooper

I got 2 Boston’s, they give kittyTom a hard time… Every chance they get. They all love each other. At the end of the day, they all sleep together.

Debbie McPherson Herron

Mine gets jealous of other animals

Michael Talarico

The cat was 4 yrs old when we got Casper our Boston, and they acted like they couldn’t stand each other til one day we came home and they were laying on the couch together … they got up like two teenagers caught making out…. walked away from each other! My Boston went to rainbow bridge last March…. the cat was lost without him and passed 6 months later…… miss them both terribly

Judy Higgins-Parker

So sorry for the loss of your pets….

Yaseen Jawad

Ralphy and Mackey Rama Chehouri Karim Jawad

Rama Chehouri

Hahaha omg Lauren Tortorella

Jeff Wright

My Boston gets rough with the cat. He is not a year old yet. He will run the cat off the couch.

Kim Curwen

Yup Nico our Boston is always trying to play with out tuxedo cat D’Arcy. Doesn’t always end well.

Debbie Maddux St Romain

Mine don’t even like cats to walk in the street! They wouldn’t allow one in the house. I do love cats though. We had a Russian Blue for 18 years. Boston Terrier came along at the end of puff’s life and they tolerated each other for a short while.

John Rake Jr

Kolbi likes to harass our Miss Kitty. But he usually gets smacked. She’s declawed so no damage. Lol

Cadie Lawrence

Jeanie McPeek Lawrence

Skip McDowell

We do. Seth the cat hates Bob the dog. Bob wanna play, but Seth don’t wanna

Linnea Apostoli

they play together and nap together πŸ™‚

Ricky Clay

We 2 of each and play they do!!! All day every day.

Ann Salyers

Yes i have 3 they play with the cats.

Mary Scott

Boston YES. Cat def NO

Aileen Wright

Very cute.

Rick Faulk

Good boy. Way to bother that arrogant cat.

Jeanne Anderson


Debi Bennett

Love it! Reminds me of our Harley!! So cute….