Dog Side VS Your Side in Bed (Photo)


    If you sleep with your dog(s), is that how it works in your bed?

    Here is a picture of a funny bedspread with the dog’s side and your side in the bed!

    Dog Side VS Your Side in Bed (Photo)

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    Does anyone know where u can buy this at?? I’ve looked every where!!?? Thanks!

    Marilyn Gates Garner

    Oh my word! So last night (and the night before and the night before ….), Chris had his half of the bed, Toby and Tess slept on three quarters of the half that was “mine” and I slept with one foot out of the bed… until Toska decided to bite my ankle at 4am. He can’t sleep on the bed yet. He’s too small to jump off when he needs a pee in the night. He’ll hurt himself. He doesn’t understand why he’s excluded though. Oh my gosh! In 3 months time….?

    Mike Moore

    This is for my wife & her sidekick, Gracie ♡

    Velda Daelick

    Yay and then find room for your dad. I get a pillow. lol just kidding. Sh e knows her place in our bed

    Janet Saffell

    Oh yes how true it is!