Doggles Goggles for Dogs to Buy Online


Here is a great selection of doggles, goggles for dogs to buy online. Doggles are the first and only protective eyewear designed just for dogs!

They are recommended by the vets for physical protection and to protect from the UV light.

SEE ALSO: This Boston Terrier in a Car Ride with his Flaming Doggles! 🙂

These sunglasses for dogs are goggles designed to fit the shape of a dog’s head and they are available for all dog shapes and sizes. There are also many models available!

Click on one of the following images if you are interested in buying Doggles Goggles!

Goggles for Dogs Doggles
Boston Terrier Wearing Doggles

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Gordon Hungerford
Gordon Hungerford

Getting confused.I am going to buy Doggles/Googles for a 13 month old male French Bulldog.Pretty much fully grown,I am, told. The problem is that the owners are not too helpful and speak no English. The dog has already sustained minor injury to 1 eye and I need to get him outdoor protection for his Pop Eyes.
Can any body guide me to the size that will most likely fit. I guess somebody who has a French Bulldog.A local vet reckons that Medium is the best guess as the eyes are far apart. Any comments greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Yep, perfect when we rode in the drop-top. And she like them. Miss this girl. RIP Peyton.

Anne Deslières

Marie-Pierre Gervais, ça pend ça à Bob!

Ashley Rolley

Robert Rolley this is what Loui needs for the next time you fly us somewhere

Kathy Probala

Buddy does when he rides on the motorcycle 🙂

Michael Lavorato

Gabrielle Kirk

Beth Hinz

Doggies are used by canines in the U.S. Armed forces in desert deployments.

Nathan Grobins

Kris Quigley Grobins

Sharon Aderhold

I have used them on several Bostons. They are functional and cute.

Rick and Paula Downes
Rick and Paula Downes

Sharon, I have a 20lb Boston who is completely blind but needs protection from poking a hole in her eyes. We have already had numerous surgeries due to severe ulcers.
Can you recommend a size and style Doggle for us that our Maggie Mae will wear. She is very easy going however with the amount of drops and ointments she gets as well…I can use all the help I can get.

Becky Casto Ledford


Sam Jacob

Nicholas Joseph Moore

Matthew Thomas Kowalski

Amanda Duckie Kowalski, does Tuukka need goggles?

Amanda Duckie Kowalski


Caroline Correa Parker

Uanhenga Corrêa

Andrea Allard Matthews

Clayton Matthews, Morgan needs these!

Nicolas Santos Sberse


Fernanda G. Stoppa

Nicolas HAHAHA