Dogs Skateboarding and Scootering at FISE 2016


In the month of May 2016, Boston Terrier dogs named Tuxedo, Mia and Guizmo were skateboarding and scootering at an International Extreme Sports Festival (FISE).

They performed on May 4th in Montpellier’s downtown. Montpellier is a city from the south of France, Europe. FISE 2016 is an event which is featuring extreme sports like BMX, Roller, Mountain Bike, Wakeboard, Scooter and Skateboard.

Watch them below and please SHARE with other people! 🙂

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Connie Baluyot

Hammy our Boston Terrier on bike, he’s very smart, stubborn, yet very sweet ♡♡♡


Had to share that one! It’s now featured on


just reposted that on my @RebelMouse

Clint Murray

Love these dogs. Looking for a girlfriend for mine….

Adam Montgomery

Kristy Montgomery


Added your tweet to my @RebelMouse

Kimberly Minton

Mike Minton Ty Minton Jay Taber

Kate Schiel

JanRyan Schiel

Raymond Ku

Xiiao Zhiia

Richard Hartsfield

Stefanie Kiedrowski

Stefanie Kiedrowski


Stefanie Kiedrowski

I lied this is a DIFFERENT BT skate boarding video! 😳

Beatrice Thieme
HannaH'Ice Pi-Vi

Bertille Claire 😉

Bertille Lataille

Je suis fan !!!

Joyce Powell

I have mixed feelings on this. There had to be tons of training involved.

Lena Marikovics

Why would that be a bad thing? If the dogs didn’t like it, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been forced to. They’re clearly having fun, so just enjoy it.

Joyce Powell

I stated I have mix feelings. I have a right to feel that way. Are you saying that animals trained to perform are really enjoying what they do? I guess all those animals in the circus love doing their tricks for our pleasure are having a blast. I changed my mind, I don’t approve of this.

Kimberly Minton

Bossy’s love exercise. I do think it is important to respect your dog’s feelings though. When I’m running with my dog, he lets me know when he wants to go home! I know if I kept running he would go with me- he would keep going until his little legs hurt! But I wouldn’t do that to him. I understand the animal dilemma though. Sometimes I think its mean to even have them at all.

Kimberly Minton

The beauty of thinking… it changes!