Did you ever had Success with Eye Infections?


    Here is a Question from Alana Hoyle : Did you ever had Success with Eye Infections?

    “I’m wondering if anyone has had success with dry eye/eye infections. My boy Boston’s had Glaucoma late in life but my 6yr old girl (Bella) has been having a hard time getting this under control.

    I’m working with my vet but I’d like to hear that this could still turn out okay. Losing hope. She’s eating and she’s cheerful but sleeps a lot.

    She’s on cyclosporine (3 weeks) and prednisone drops (new). Various courses of antibiotics. Her tear level has improved but her eyes seem to be deteriorating.”

    Did you ever had Success with Eye Infections?
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    Julie Baldwin Winn

    Use Dinovite…vitamin powder they love over their food. You can order online and it clears up major health issues for dogs and they live longer. We have been using it for our dogs.

    Mary Nordmeyer

    Our dog Belle had dry eye for years…used daily eye drops.

    Sirpa Penttinen

    Healing prayers to your baby!

    Laura Tannett Moyer

    If she has glaucoma more than likely she will have 2 have the eye removed. My BT was 6 developed cataracts (had surgery for that problem) developed glaucoma in one eye a year later had 2 have the eye removed. The speciality vet told me it was like having a migraine all the time. I would seek a specialty vet ASAP
    Your dog is in pain