Every Once in a While a Dog Enters your Life and Changes Everything


    Here is a quote about dogs and life. Every Once in a While a Dog Enters your Life and Changes Everything.

    Have you ever had a dog that changed your life? Leave your comments!

    Every once in a while a dog enters your life and changes everything

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    John Snow

    i know my two changed my life amd home.

    Pixy Rose Jes

    Foxy GrRL

    Ivyann Moreira-Schofield

    My Bostie Gretsch has canine OCD and has been the most awesome teacher ever. I’m so grateful and blessed to have him in my life. Through him I started taking dog training classes, got involved in agility classes and started rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming unwanted Bosties. He’s my big man and I love him more than words can say.

    April Wilkerson
    My family decided to go to a flea market and at first I saw this miniature Jack Russell I was going to take him home but something told me to wait tell we were ready to leave to get him. So we preceded to the dog section of the flea market and my husband and daughter were looking at big dog’s and I still wanted a small dog. And then I noticed a lady standing their with a full grown Boston Terrier, I though she was amazing! And then I noticed she only had one dog left so I asked… Read more »
    Pam Farrell Bernand
    yes!! I adopted a boston terrier from a rescue and she had been a pupy mill dog she was scared to death of everything and everyone it has taken a lot of time ,love patients, to try to let her know she does not have to be scared and she is loved ,she changed my life for the better because she needed me to guide her thur life with love and understanding so with that being said she changed my life for the better because I was depressed and needed some one to need me and well I got what… Read more »