Extremely Cute Boston Terrier Puppies in their Bed (Video)


Here is a short video showing some extremely cute Boston Terrier puppies in their bed at 1 month old!

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DeAnna Stout


Veronica Seaman

Too cute 😘

Jessi Tru

Jacquline I need all of these guys

Jacquline Trujillo-Martinez

Buy a big house so we could have all these Bostons ❤❤

Jessi Tru

If I build it, they will come! DEAL!

Jacquline Trujillo-Martinez


Peggy Combs Seiller

We lost our Boston a week after Christmas and I miss having a Boston. I love their funny personalities.

Ben Diggins

Britt Diggins

Marie-christine Ouellet

Keven Aubry😍

Christie Lee Boucher

Taylor Ferrari

Deborah Oblak


Christie Keele

The perfect dog.

Carolyn Mead

So cute but no Haggerty dot!!

Rob Petoletti

Laurie Petoletti 💜💜💜

Eran Peled

The sons of god

Eran Peled


Nick Santos

Tara Santos

Sharon Northup

Oh would I love to have one of these cuties! I miss my Boston so much! They are the greatest dogs!

Becky Connelly

My baby looked the same when she was that little

RaNae Gough

Oh how cute 😻

Nathan Clapp

Sydney Anne Heath

Sydney Anne Heath

Is that my birthday present?

Nathan Clapp
Joyce Powell

They are sooo cute!

Erin Hargan

Amy Blaufuss look at these precious little walnut heads!!

Amy Blaufuss

Omg!!!! I want them all!!!

Amanda Mock

Justin Mock

Kirsten Glufke

So zuckersüß

Mary Donald

I’ll take all of them.They are sooooo cute.

James Sutherland

A basket of beautiful.

Dawn Russell

I needed puppy therapy this morning

Karlita Jo Fasquelle-Castro

Jonathan Castro

Gab J. Iglesias

Raven Medina <3 🙂

Donna Ecker Sweigert

I need a female puppy they are too cute

Julie Strobel

Absolutely precious!!

Paula Montgomery Rothaus

So sweet! <3

Judy Higgins-Parker

Some folks are going to be so happy to have these adorable pups!

Nadia Pereira

Oh,my God they are so adorable!

Irene Farrell


Mike Perine


Blondie Dean

Where are they located?

Thomas Tepania

Cherie Tepania

Amanda Pawluk

Omg Ryan TheWizard Pawluk we need theses guys

Ryan TheWizard Pawluk

Too bad they grow up 😉

Amanda Pawluk


Rox Dumandan

CaLajate RLanreefer

Amy Perine

Mike Perine we need all four

Elaine Skerrett Cammarosano

I’ll take 2!

Dominique Dubé

les minis Boston sont définitivement les plus beaux chiots du monde 🙂

Steven Forrest

Kyle Fletcher

Kyle Fletcher

Meagan Hinxman

Meagan Hinxman

Awe babies!😍

Anthony Tripp