Fart Factory Costume of a Boston Terrier named Cola


    Here are photos of a friendly Boston Terrier dog named Cola at 3 years old. This was his costume for Halloween. Because of their “smushed face”, Boston Terriers can fart a lot and can smell very bad.

    Who can relate? Anyone have a Dog that farts? πŸ™‚

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    Caution There is Toxic Gas over here! Photo 1

    Caution There is Toxic Gas over here! Photo 2

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    Al Kenzo

    Yes I Fart and so????? Lol she’s killing me πŸ†˜πŸ˜·πŸ˜·πŸ˜·

    Gina Morgan
    Joyce Marcoux Powell

    Lol! I sure do! Yesterday, in the waiting room of his vets office, he let one go. The guy next to me looked at me in disgust. He’s 5 months old and can clear a room as well as snore like a buzz saw. I should have gone with the name Stink.

    Yupadee Mutchler

    But some of not understand. BT they hav super bad air control.problem. iknow this i hav they all sleep wit us

    Rachel Renninger

    Gotta love those Lil fur twirls on Boston butt cheeks!

    Waltea Swasey

    My Boston can clear a room. Asked my vet and he suggested avoiding corn. Now I rarely have to air the house because of his farts.

    Mandie Lester

    Yva Brickner lmao it’s a Boston terrier…….

    Jan Taylor

    Too funny and too true

    Billy Capps

    Did I do that!?

    Michael McJohn

    McJohn Hiro

    Glenda Gail Burke

    Two boston terriers, point it right at me

    Tandy M Klarquist

    I think anyone who has a BT has a dog that farts. We say Buster is sharing the love.

    Kathy McKinnon Wilson

    Garrett James Wilson…costume for Bud and Mari next year

    Lucy Lenton

    Chris Lenton David Foster

    Chris Lenton

    Ye ye ye little factory

    Christina Degg

    If you have a Boston that doesn’t must be another breed in disguise ours does terrible ones.

    Frankie Ann Green

    Jamie Serdy

    Linda Johnson

    Twinkies don’t cause gas..healthy fiber rich foods do.Farts are Mother Natures way of telling us we are eating right.LOL Just my way of thinking.

    Eileen McManus Terrizzi

    My Duke can clear a room!!!

    Rita Coleman

    My Boston terrier, Beauregard has this affliction!!! Lol

    Heidi Dowd Martinez

    Jonathan Martinez

    Valerie Jung Gilbert

    A Boston that doesn’t fart? That’s a better question

    Sivan Raveh-Sappelt

    Julian Sappelt
    Natalie Doyle

    Nancy Poe Pollock

    Two Boston Terriers that do at some of the worst times πŸ™ŠπŸ˜·πŸ˜‚

    Sarah Sutherland

    Helen Du

    Caroline E Macpherson-Mueller

    Not that bad…I hope.

    Annette Vargas

    My lil Max looks harmless but his booty is toxic ! Boy does he fart! And he looks back like…”who did that”?

    Amanda Pawluk

    So funny

    Natasa Podmiljsak


    Tammy D Moss-Harris

    OMG yes she is killing me

    Angie Ortiz

    OMG I have two πŸ™

    Steven Forrest


    Alesha Kay Hauser Cerny


    Sanna Palmu


    Mandy Elverson

    Yes we have a smelly butt not mentioning any name’s but the letter starts with a C lol

    Catherine Lapointe

    Marc-Olivier Godard HAHAHAHHA Mati

    Bobbie Filley

    Its funny when its bad enough for them to leave the room first from smell

    Sheray Troutman

    It’s a Boston thing .

    The Lily Pad

    so true about Bostons!!

    Brianya Bowden

    Perfect!! πŸ˜‚

    Susan Kelley-Conk

    Oh yes..silent but deadly😯😯😯

    Linda Taylor

    Michael Jordan Taylor Albany Taylor Jamie Edens Kelly Piercy sure looks like buddy could of used this!!!!

    Lacy DuPree Ratliff

    Tristan Cornell Boyd Ratliff

    Alexandria Helms

    Oh its embarrassing!

    Arelis Del Pino Montoya

    Toxic gas when she starts just awful!

    Janet Chiarolanza

    You bet 😐

    Lisset Zavala

    Oh my let me tell u. Talk bout gas chambers. That’s what my room turns into after my Boston farts. Yup silent but deadly!!!

    Sarah Jane Hayter

    Hell yeah my dogs butt stinks πŸ™Š

    Nadia Khoury

    Joe Perna lolll

    Joe Perna

    LMAO that is totally Tyson!

    Raebeth Conrad Mine

    Mazie too, silent but deadly.

    Gina Morgan

    Better question would be, Does any have a dog that Doesnt fart? lol