Find the Boston Terrier! – Pixie from Amarillo, TX, USA (Photo)

Here is a funny photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Pixie from Amarillo, TX, USA.

Can you find the Boston Terrier in the picture below? :)

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Find the Boston Terrier! - Pixie from Amarillo, TX, USA (Photo)

What do you think?

  • Linda Williams

    OMGosh! Both of ours do that as soon as I leave the room after making the bed. Took me forever to find them the first time, thought they had gotten out!

  • Anita Partridge Harris

    Hi Pixie….you are a cutie patootie :)

  • Curtis Golden

    I think they all nest!

  • Robin Christensen

    That is funny! That’s where mine sleeps only all the bedding has been moved so he can find his spot! Gotta love a boston

  • Wendy Harrington

    I see you!!

  • Jeanie Shelton

    Well yeah!

  • Jessica Ramos González

    Beauty! My Nina does the same ❤️

  • Karen Amato

    Pixie, what a beautiful bed you have!

  • Sandra Bennett

    Peek a boo

  • Renae Summerskill

    Yep in the mountain of pillows Too Cute!!

  • Heidi Engler

    On top of a mountain of pillows, right where she belongs!

  • Betty Marcus

    Have a picture similar to this of my Boston, apparently they all like pillows! :)

  • Judie Thomas

    My bt.does this too so darn cute