First Night at Home of this 7 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Tassi


    Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Tassi at 7 weeks old from Spruce Grove, Canada.

    This was her first night home at 7 weeks! 🙂

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    First Night at Home of this 7 Weeks Old Boston Terrier named Tassi

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    Wesley Cattanach

    Claudia Mojica

    Nancy L Strong

    He needs in bed with mom and dad

    Barbara Radecki

    Love at first sight

    Bob Pompei

    If we every get a dog, it will be a Terrier

    Linda Walters Hess

    What a sweetheart. I believe you have a baby who will let you sleep with her!!!!

    Bonnie Douglass

    So sweet….reminds me of my Buster when I brought him home after being weaned…..a wonderful dog breed!

    Sandi Garrison

    I want to smell the puppy breathe and kiss and hug the cutie so bad. My pup is a year old now, she is a blast!

    Beverly Matthews

    So yummy xx

    Bibi Tolentino Tasker

    I love the looks on his face ❤️💋💋💋

    Warren Smith

    Looks like our little Maggie.

    Kevin Murphy

    Our little Ceara at 8 weeks , spent her first night in our bed and never left

    Vicki Jackson Engelking

    My husband was the one who put them in our bed, and yes the still sleep there, we just bought a king size bed to accommodate them and us LOL.

    Kevin Murphy

    Yep, we only have Ceara, but she is Queen of our Queen, thank goodness she is very small, even for a Boston

    Kat Newberry

    Best dogs ever. We have 4.

    Donna Meredith

    so sweet

    Loretta Easton

    So, so cute!!!

    Nelly DeCaesteker

    I have two that is 3 months old.

    Tania Colquhoun

    What at 7 weeks???? Should be with mum until a minimum of 8 weeks.

    Mary Hager

    Awe so cute

    Susan Gobin

    Love is a Boston puppy❤️❤️

    Tom Fulkerson

    She needs a Hug!

    Nils Enghusen

    Ist der süüüüüüß😊

    Laurie Jane Free
    Rhona Obouhoff

    Aww..seems too little to go to her furever home. Very precious ..

    Farrah Nadon

    John Burns

    Adriana Mora

    Ale Mora

    Charisma Dawn


    Deborah Lundeen

    I just love him! At this age I always said that my boston’s ears will never stand up, but they always do! I love the puppy fur and breath.

    Anu Saltevo

    Poor little darling. He is missing his mom.

    Patty Diamond

    I want one!!!

    Vicki Jackson Engelking

    Poor little baby we also got our Boston at ten weeks they are really the best little dogs ever.

    Susan Kelley-Conk


    Cindi Meyers

    So cute!

    Janette Knight

    she lovely whot her name

    Ellie Goldberg- Rubinoff

    Adorable 🐾💕

    Glarisa Chavez

    Clarissa Obregon 🐶❤️🐶❤️🐶

    Clarissa Obregon

    Glarisa Chavez

    Ryan Av

    Cheryl Love Avina

    Ann-Catrin Strom


    Karen Griesbaum-Falesch

    So cute!!!! ❤️

    Vanessa Ziefle

    Tanja Karoline schau mal wie süß…..💜💜💜💜💜💜

    Sharon Lovelace

    Little angel.

    Ronel Eksteen

    Welcome bebe! X x

    Rita Coleman

    My Beauregard was tiny like this too a long time ago.!! Don’t be afraid little one, u will steal their hearts in no time!!

    Lacy DuPree Ratliff

    Remember when cooper was this small…Tristan Cornell Boyd Ratliff

    Joepster van Dijk


    Wendy Hunter

    How precious

    Mary Carroll

    I miss my little old man BT, Pudgy, so much.

    Susan Wade

    I’ll bet you do. Hugs to you. <3

    Karla Fonseca