First Time at the Beach! – This is Rogelio from Argentina


Here is a photo of a Boston Terrier dog named Rogelio at 1 year old from Capital Federal, Argentina.

This is the first time Rogelio went to the beach! So so happy!!! 🙂

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First Time at the Beach! - This is Rogelio from Argentina

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Sarah Louise Young

Good looking, enjoying his day. My two Boston, love the ☀️

Lisa St John

Awww the sun feels good!

Nathalie Beaudin Rierson

Oscar also loves the Beach.

Rose Radocha

He is so stately and handsome!

Erica Brown

Jacob Hershey

Eva Rodriguez

Happy birthday sweetie

Melodie Horton


Robbie Pacheco

Katja Sollo

Lucas Jardi

Ivy Alberto tiene puesto un chaleco salvavidas?

Ivy Alberto

Ese decía! 😀

Bea Jacobson

I had a Boston to age 14 wonderful pets . Miss him so !!

Thomas Sherwood

Just chillin!

Carrie Pye

Ha Darren I would say my Boston sweeter would look good on these dogs lol😉😉😉😉

Terri Scott

Awww, love catching some rays!

Sherry Mensch Stewart

He’s so adorable, and just soaking up those rays!

Andrew Goldie

Jessie getting repremanded.

Izzy Smith

Enjoying the breeze.

Tracey Medzavorian

What a gorgeous photo! Really savouring the moment!❤️

Art Spanjer

Funny he Looks he is working on his tan. Beautiful bub

Michael Markham

He is sunning himself kind of like my two girls like to sleep all the time

Shirley Wertz

I’m the no.1 lifeguard here and don’t you forget it!!🐶

Bobbi Byrd

Aww he looks like he’s in heaven 😊

Griselda Perdomo

Hi Rogelio , Max loves to swim !!

Cindy Massey Butterworth

So darn adorable 🐾❤️

Sheray Troutman

Such a handsome boy .

Maria Laura Layus

Muy lindo este verano será también la primera vez en la playa de mi hermosa lilo también somos de Argentina Buenos Aires

Meloney S Thapa

This was our baby’s first time at the beach. He loved it!

Melodie Horton


Paul Chapman

AGREE !00%

Megan Mays

I can hear the ocean.

Thea Ingram

Lovin the Sun💥

Marilyn Cartier

Jason Quigley lou dans l’sud ❤️

Kathleen del Valle

Awww he is so handsome!!!

Tammy Morrison

Very regal and handsome 😍💜❤️️

Meg Kirkendall

Love it! Sun worshippers!!

Claire Taillon

I wished Millie Tail had enjoyed the beach.

Joanna Litchfield

Too cool

Michele Riddle

What a sweet picture!

Carolann Hennen

Boston Terriers are the best!

Michele Riddle

Omg, what beauties! And the young lady looks like she loves them so!

Carolann Hennen

Granddaughter loves her Grandma’s dogs.

Claire Taillon

Yes they are.

Melodie Horton