Fitch a 6 weeks old Boston Puppy at the breeders home in Netherlands

Here is a photo of a boston terrier puppy named Fitch at 6 weeks old at the breeders home in Netherlands.

The owner of the dog says : “Visiting him at the breeders home, in 2 weeks he is gonna live with us! Can’t wait :)”

Fitch a 6 weeks old boston puppy at the breeders home in netherlands

What do you think?

  • Annetjie Botha

    Oooo – there is nothing like a baby boston t. Such a ‘kissable’ little mouth. Look at my black spot on my snout.

  • Allison Fowler Woodfill

    I love Bostons!

  • Yvonne Paap

    I know Fitch is very very welcome ! He will get a great life !

  • Magdalena Kaczmarek

    cute!! :)

  • Linda Stubbs-capps

    He is Beautiful baby!!

  • Chloe Rose

    Awwww the cuteness! !!!!

  • Steph Meyers

    so cute

  • Jela Sokanovic

    Adorable <3 <3 <3

  • Stacey Bubba Long

    OMG how cute is this dog