Four Newborn Boston Terrier Babies Cuddling Together on their Mother!


    Here is a photo of four newborn Boston Terrier babies. The photo was taken just after their birth. They are from Florida, USA.

    They were all cuddling together on their mother! 🙂

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    Four Newborn Boston Terrier Babies Cuddling Together on their Mother!

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    Linda Hester Jett

    Going to sell miss marked?

    Bridget Padilla

    Desiree Jimenez

    Patricia Kreidenweis

    So precious <3

    Henry Knoesen Snr

    Can I buy one

    Patricia Hatfield

    best breed of dog there is

    Brenda Greene

    So darling. Love those faces and pink noses.

    Linda Walters Hess

    Love the pink noses

    Sheray Troutman

    Cutie Pies

    Beth Shelton

    Look at all those pink noses. Puppy breath. I want to play with all of them . Beautiful pups and such a good mommy

    Roberto Santos

    akc boston pups for sale so if interetsed just email me at [email protected] or text me directly at 740 936 3019
    for more info and pics

    Beth Shelton
    Brian Wolf

    So cute

    Carolyn Lavanaway Littlefield

    I love them!

    Mari Theodos

    Oh my Goodness!!! So Cute!!!

    Michael McJohn

    Hiro McJohn

    Marilyn Cota

    I want them all

    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    This is Heaven to me!

    Kristy Englert

    Sooo cute

    Martha Purvis

    I want one

    Yolanda De La Rosa

    So cute.😍

    John Muller

    They are so cute. Fran Muller

    William TN Hall

    can I have a couple?

    Caryn Corman Alder

    I want one!!

    Sara Kapp Kettlewell


    Christine Dickey-Sinner

    Awwwww so cute healthy babies

    Ryan Av

    Cheryl Love Avina

    Melanie Flinchum Cole

    Simply gorgeous!

    Lynn Lanstra

    so cute!!!!

    Patricia Sosbee

    I want the one. They are so cute.

    Wesley Cattanach

    Claudia Mojica

    Deb Ball

    So cute

    Andréanne Courcelles

    That’s so cute

    Loubna Alberga

    Soooo cute

    Loubna Alberga

    Ohhhhh my goodness!!!

    Noemi Cardenas Ramirez

    Estan preciosos

    Maria Moura

    Queria um desse

    Maria Moura

    TĂŁo lindos

    Sharon Bell


    Randy Jekel

    Jack said, those are some pretty babies!!

    Manon Martineau

    Tellement mignons !

    Jacqueline Ellul Soler

    Beauties. .God bless xxx

    Heather Dugger

    Cuteness overload

    Kimberley Ransome

    Awww Pete Allen #cuitness xxx

    Gina Smith

    I want one too!

    Sandy Bearse

    pure bliss

    Leyla BĂ€ckman
    Ireneo Ciammella


    Dana Waterfield Showers

    I want one!!!!

    Roni Acri-Dutro

    how much??

    Kathleen Colflesh Wells

    Omg, so beautiful !!!

    MĂ©lysa Lavoie

    Onnnnnnn les ti bb