Frenchton Dog Breed – Frenchtons are a Mix between Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs

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What is the Frenchton dog breed? The Frenchtons are a cross between the Boston Terrier breed and the French Bulldog breed. This cross (Boston Terrier Mix) is recognized by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

Frenchtons are growing in popularity. They have a good temperament. They can be playful and energetic but they also loves to cuddle. They make great family dogs. They love childrens.

The Frenchtons have a short and fine coat that is generally black, white, or a mix of these colors. They don’t shed a lot. Their life expectansy is approximately 12 to 15 years.

Morgan the Frenchton at 9 Months Old from South Africa

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Do you have a Frenchton? Does your Frenchton(s) look more like a Boston Terrier or a French Bulldog? Leave your comment about your Frenchton(s) below!

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Georgia dunn
Georgia dunn

Georgia dunn
Georgia dunn

Georgia is the best owner

Georgia dunn
Georgia dunn

Hi dogs to your owners and players in a while to load the bases

Amanda Cabrera

How much

Brittnie Fuechsel
Brittnie Fuechsel

Just curious how much everyone is paying for their frenchtons? We were thinking of getting another, however, breeder is now asking for $2000 & up for her pups. Seems high considering breed.

Gordon Parker
Gordon Parker

Hi, I’m interested in a frenchton if anyone has a litter coming up soon? I’m in South Florida. Thanks!


This is Flo. She’s 3 1/2 months and steals hearts wherever she goes. Everyone thinks she’s a miniature boxercomment image?oh=0da481baa912e9568db86ff17d4c7e23&oe=58050BFB

Leonie Werts

Gert Meeuws best dog ever

Britta Grรถblinghoff


Cynthia Trudeau

Both breeds are wonderful in themselves. I’ve owned and loved both breeds. However, there is no way to improve on a Boston Terrier. Sacrilege to even try. God broke the mold. They are truly one of a kind.

Ann McKallagat

frenchtons are absolutely adorable, but i am sticking with my Boston’s!!!

Sabine Roodenburg

Just. Stop.

Kristel Graaff

Chantal Kruger-Shoesmith cute

Chantal Kruger-Shoesmith

Vrek cute๐Ÿ˜‰

Dan Bennett

LaGroon Redmond, Mrs Redmond, have you seen one of these precious dogs ? I would love to and possibly get one.
Best regards, dan

Carole Ross Nelson

How adorable!!! โ™ฅโ™ฅโ™ฅ

Katelynn Kibler

Deb Kibler

Kayla Weaver Burns

This is my almost 3yr old Frenchton! I love him so much, he is such a love bug and goofball!

Brittany Henderlight

Tammy Ott this is your dream dog!

Brittany Lyn Pahl

Bre Hughes

Bre Hughes

Me want

Erika Segobiano

Gabriella Segobiano Mike Smith Jill Clark Kris Allen-Charles

Yvonne Briggs

love them

Lynn Torres

Omg! Sooo cute!

Sharon Lovelace


B Lynn Iavaroni


Georganne Boolukos

Nicole Costanzo

Laura Gonzalez-Martinez

David Leonard how about this dog

David Leonard

Depends if it’s mixed right. I’ve seen a couple ugly ones

Laura Gonzalez-Martinez

David Leonard ๐Ÿ˜’

Rudy - The Boston Terrier

No such thing as a frenchton breed. Frenchton’s are what are commonly called mutts or mixed breeds. I do not mean this in a derogatory way, but every time you mix two breeds you do not create a new breed. To be a new dog breed, the combination needs to be done for many years with particular defined standards for the offspring and most importantly uniformity in the offspring. Frenchtons are not a breed because they are a new combination where there are no defined standards and the offspring very wildly in terms of their physical characteristics. You can take… Read more »

Jordan Lynch
Michelle Jean

So, your Mommy & Daddy are mutts too. Maybe we can euthanize them

Karen Jensen

A Boston is a Boston and should not be mixed!

Rocket the Boston Terrier

I don’t know how I feel about this. I think it’s not OK

Hayles Seiler

Jessica Finch we could have compromised haha

Jodi Mauro

My frenchton is the sweetest most loving dog I’ve had, Wouldn’t change a thing.

Carol Richards AnCel

Oh Lord… now people are going to be even MORE confused LOL LOL

Karina Gutierrez

Sky Broussard you should get this one instead! โค

Sky Broussard


Karina Gutierrez

Yesss lol

Gitte Jakobsen

Sรฅ Marie๐Ÿ™ˆ

Margo Ploss

I rescued one..
She is a great dog…
The owner ( breeder) wanted to kill pups cause they didn’t look like French..
They all looked like Boston’s…

SaRee Voth

Ray Gonzalez!!!!

Jeff Morris

Ellen Wade Morris

Richard Sewell

I thought they were called Bostrench because they like to dig.

Cindy Montoya

Carlos Pineda mire que bonitos!

Nicole Rathbun

Jamie Rathbun

Jamie Rathbun

Omg needs one

Jennifer Scoggin

Here’s my Frenchton Lucy. She’s awesome. She’s got some crazy ears but she acts like a full blooded Boston!!

Jordan Lynch

Ours thought she was 110lbs ๐Ÿ˜‚

Shanthi Perceval Govender

Bec X

Marti Marikovics

Well I like both breeds and think a mix would make a great dog. Often times it makes them better. If you don’t want the mix…don’t buy one. Simple.

Maja Arsovska

Every breed dog was became breed with mixing. No boston or franchie where made by nature. But in person opinion, i love both breeds, boston and franchie like they are in their standards. I realy dont know what to think about frenchton. It is matter of luck would franchie take all of positive things from both breeds or it will be disaster

Bridget Knasiak

Nikki Bernal baabe!

Maryka Lubbe

Leave each breed to his own! Don’t know why one would want to cross these to wonderful breeds.

Colleen Slattery

Keeley Michelle Russell the best of both x

Helen Connolly

Frenchton not a breed! If you want a mix do a good deed-adopt from shelter.

Janet Chiarolanza

Designer dogs are a risk.

Angela Roberts

Kayla Lee Newcomb!!!!!!!!!

Kayla Lee Newcomb