Funny Boston Terrier Dog Sounds Like Farm Animals!


    This little Boston Terrier guy is very funny when he’s begging! He’s making sounds that looks like a mix between some farm animals.

    Do your dogs ever sounded like this? 🙂

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    15 Comments on "Funny Boston Terrier Dog Sounds Like Farm Animals!"

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    Sandy Kay

    Yes ! Petey makes “Dolphin noises!”

    Beth Whilden Bennett

    Yep get that and the lip shakey thing too

    Meg Kirkendall

    Oh yes Bostons talk! They let you know JUST what they want ,one way or another!

    Tina Holmgren

    Kida makes the groaning sound but not the hiccup at the beginning… cute!!

    Jan Lindahl

    My Boston makes crazy noises when she gets excited and tries to bark like her chocolate lab sister when I get home.