Funny Parrot Playing with a Boston Terrier Dog (Video)


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier dog playing with a funny Goffin’s Cockatoo Parrot in their living room!

Their owners says : “She (Parrot) loves to steal the dog’s toys.”

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3 Comments on "Funny Parrot Playing with a Boston Terrier Dog (Video)"

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Cindy Beck

OMG Alena Stephenson that is one of the cutest things ever! ahahahaha!! His rolling so sooo cute! 🙂

Alena Stephenson

Cindy – check out how this parrot rolls over to play!

Bugn LVoe

That is soooo cute. The dog wants to play, but Im telling you, that bird has bonded w/ that dog and is IN love. Adorbs! 😀