Greedy Boston Terrier Dog Share a Carrot with his Owner!


Did you know that carrots are good foods for dogs? They are good for the dog’s teeth and they are healthy! You also might want to check out this list of human foods that are good for dogs.

This Boston Terrier dog named Nigel is greedy for carrots. He was watching his owner eating some carrots. Watch the video below to see what’s funny after! 🙂

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44 Comments on "Greedy Boston Terrier Dog Share a Carrot with his Owner!"

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Kelly Cox

Elvis loves carrots and cauliflower

Daniel Glade

So funny

Carol-jane Horn

Years ago while stationed in Germany the U.S. Vet told us our dog was dying of kidney disease n there was no treatment. My mom took her to a German vet who prescribed a diet of cooked carrots for three weeks. It worked and dog lived another 8 years.

Hedwig Brunner

Unsre Jazz auch

Bloem de Haas

Karin de Haas