Greedy Boston Terrier Dog Share a Carrot with his Owner!


Did you know that carrots are good foods for dogs? They are good for the dog’s teeth and they are healthy! You also might want to check out this list of human foods that are good for dogs.

This Boston Terrier dog named Nigel is greedy for carrots. He was watching his owner eating some carrots. Watch the video below to see what’s funny after! 🙂

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Kelly Cox

Elvis loves carrots and cauliflower

Daniel Glade

So funny

Carol-jane Horn

Years ago while stationed in Germany the U.S. Vet told us our dog was dying of kidney disease n there was no treatment. My mom took her to a German vet who prescribed a diet of cooked carrots for three weeks. It worked and dog lived another 8 years.

Hedwig Brunner

Unsre Jazz auch

Bloem de Haas

Karin de Haas

Paul Jones

Tara Jones

Michèle Ferrero

Lola loves carots

Arthur Whitter

Sorry to be the skunk at the cotillion here, but our Boston couldn’t digest them. Came out whole in her stool. I’ve always wondered how Bostons like this one could digest them.

Linda Johnson

That won’t hurt her a bit.It’s the sweet taste she likes and the crunch is good for her teeth.Mine eats nearly all of the vegetables I eat,except for onions.We often share a baked sweet potato,but not white .

Robyn Hunt Anderson

My Boston hates carrots. I’ve given her mixed vegetables and she’ll pick out the carrots and spit them on the floor.

Lisa Stevens

Mine doesn’t like them either, likes pretty much everything else tho ! Lol

Laura Schmoll Wettengel

My boston loves carrots and green beans!

Tammy Morrison

My hairy child loves carrots too funny to watch her crunch on them😍💜❤️️

Jeana Lyles

Does yours play with the carrot a bit before eating it? Mine does.

Tammy Morrison

It’s a baby carrot so when I give a little piece of course she rolls it around on the floor with her nose hilarious I dont know if at first she’s playing with it or smelling it then picks it up mouth it’s so funny when she’s eating it she chews with her mouth open crunch crunch it’s the cutest thing ever I’ll have to teach her some manners hahaha 😍💜❤️️

Jennifer Foster Loebs

Jeremy Loebs we had a couple of carrot addicts.

Manny Perez

Amanda Perez Barbara Perez Cameron Hardwick

Patty Groweg

That’s the cutest BT video ever!

Jeremey Murphy
Deplorable Stan B

I don’t like carrots. I like cheese.


My Boston hates carrots. She will pick them out of her food. We’ve tried raw carrots and steamed.

Steven Gilliam

Mine loves Bell Peppers

Lee Osborne Denauw

What is it with carrots? My Bosco loves carrots

Eric Grubbs

Too funny. I swear that is my Izzy, she rules the house too. Lol….

Stacy Voss

My Boston loves carrots

Jamille Lovemeorleavemealone Chinnis

I’ve never given Bronco carrots before. Now, I’ll have to give them to him. He loves bananas though! 🙂

Norma Ginger Redin-Garcia

Our Boston, Lucy loves bananas

Jamille Lovemeorleavemealone Chinnis

My boston, Bronco, loves bananas as well!

Gary Raynes

Gunner eats carrots everyday.

Jan Adams

Bea loves carrots!

Julie-Lynne McCann

thats awesome, our boston is the same way!!! Love it xo #bostonterrier

Kimberly A. Gray

My boston loves carrots too!

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Jan Lindahl

So cute

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Rita Coleman

My Boston likes his carrots cooked and smooshed!!

Marcela Hernández Montoya
Jeanie Shelton

I had a BT who loved carrots! The ones I have now, won’t touch them.

Jose Fleur

Hhaha fun !!!!!

Ill Ustrated
Ill Ustrated

linda dang

Christina Degg

Nero had his first raw whole carrot today and seemed to really enjoy it.

Jeanne McMahon

Mine chews them and spits them out.

Valerie Jung Gilbert

Mine loves carrots, but he prefers them with ranch