Guilty Boston Terrier named Peter Just Destroyed his Shark Toy! (Video)


    Here is a video of a Boston Terrier named Peter who feels guilty because he just destoyed his shark toy and he knows it! 😛

    Boston Terriers know when they have done something wrong! 🙂

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    26 Comments on "Guilty Boston Terrier named Peter Just Destroyed his Shark Toy! (Video)"

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    Dion Dubois

    Well that is my job! Seek and destroy then mommy pick-it-up! Part of the game plan!lol! I once got to pick up a thousand feathers from a feather couch and they were all walking around looking like chickens! If I only took a video of that one!!!!!!!!

    Art Wilmeth

    Good boy Peter well done ! Now go chew one of her shoes!

    Teresa Crain

    This is a crazy video. My Boston’s tears up their toys and there’s stuffing everywhere. Their just family dogs. And to talk to them like in her tone of voice is going to make him nervous!

    Valerie Berkepile

    poor boy, she sounds mean. He’s probably thinking “eviscerate? Great, I’m living with an English professor….”

    Sharon Abbott Lee

    She’s trippin!! Human psychology on a dog..?
    Tell him to go Night Night & then bring up that shit about Sharky & interrogating again as he closes his eyes!! Lol Here’s an idea, deal with it or don’t buy stuffies! :p