Guilty Boston Terrier named Peter Just Destroyed his Shark Toy! (Video)

Here is a video of a Boston Terrier named Peter who feels guilty because he just destoyed his shark toy and he knows it! :P

Boston Terriers know when they have done something wrong! :)

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What do you think?

  • Dion Dubois

    Well that is my job! Seek and destroy then mommy pick-it-up! Part of the game plan!lol! I once got to pick up a thousand feathers from a feather couch and they were all walking around looking like chickens! If I only took a video of that one!!!!!!!!

  • Art Wilmeth

    Good boy Peter well done ! Now go chew one of her shoes!

  • Teresa Crain

    This is a crazy video. My Boston’s tears up their toys and there’s stuffing everywhere. Their just family dogs. And to talk to them like in her tone of voice is going to make him nervous!

  • Valerie Berkepile

    poor boy, she sounds mean. He’s probably thinking “eviscerate? Great, I’m living with an English professor….”

  • Sharon Abbott Lee

    She’s trippin!! Human psychology on a dog..?
    Tell him to go Night Night & then bring up that shit about Sharky & interrogating again as he closes his eyes!! Lol Here’s an idea, deal with it or don’t buy stuffies! :p

  • Denny Sigmon

    What a bitch. That’s the whole point for dog toys

  • Bryan L’Ecuyer

    She just wanted to get the guilty act on camera. I do it to mine sometimes.

  • Bryan L’Ecuyer


  • Claudia Murray Smallwood

    Poor baby’s probably thinking ” what the heck does eviscerate mean”….

  • Ryan Miller

    Verbal abuse is just as bad as physical abuse.

  • Barri Bomb

    Rich Strongman

  • Patty Russell Street

    That’s what toys are for… destroying.

  • Debbie Rooker

    U can teach these dog without the word bad boy . I raised two . They were more behave than many children ! Sad, but true .!!

  • Debbie Rooker

    My by would tear them up, get the noise maker out & be happy!! It was too dang funny to me !!!

  • Shannon Lee

    She wasn’t being mean she just wanted him to know he did wrong .. Y’all act like she beat him to death come on people!!!

  • Cristal LaDiabla

    She is totally playing around to see his “sorry” face! It’s always a great idea to take the toy away so they don’t eat any stuffing and get sick. :)

  • Patricia Roche

    Poor baby!

  • Jason Grzybowski

    My dog Stewie destroys everything… It’s pointless to even buy him “toys” he’s better off with Hide/Bone and Rope. I wonder if this is the first toy she’s gotten that dog because every single one I buy gets owned the first day.

  • Jason Grzybowski

    My dog Stewie destroys everything… It’s pointless to even buy him “toys” he’s better off with Hide/Bone and Rope lol. He also destroys stuff around the house he’s not supposed to when I made the mistake of letting him roam the house when I’d leave.

  • Carol Larsen

    That owner is a jerk….she does not deserve such a sweet little guy. A-ho

  • Cat Belovin

    I can tell she was playing around with him. Boston’s are so much fun to talk to because they respond so quickly.
    She did the right thing by taking the toy away at that time :)
    I feel it’s very important to throw the toy away once we see the inside; as to make sure they don’t eat it.

  • Daryl Ogalino

    She sounds mean…. Lol Boston’s are definitely known for chewing up their toys up fast hahahahah! . My little boy chews up his toys super quick. I stick to the Rubber toys now hahah

  • Danielle Craig

    Alex Craig get yours up on YouTube! Lol

  • Kerry Lilley Moulton

    I give my Boston stuffed toys knowing that they will pull the stuffing out, and I don’t call them bad for doing it.

    • Lisa M. Smith

      I agree! That is their nature..I didn’t care for her being so stern with him made me sad for him.

    • Patty Groweg

      Agreed!! I feel so bad for the sweet little monster..just wanna hug and kiss him!