Haggerty Spot? What is this Boston Terrier Special Marking?

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The Haggerty Spot is a mark that some Boston Terrier dogs have on top of their heads. It is also known as the Haggerty dot.

Do you have a Boston Terrier with the Haggerty Spot? πŸ™‚

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Boston Terrier puppy named juno from pressig, germany - Photo 1

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Why it’s called the Haggerty Spot?

It’s called the Haggerty Spot because it’s coming from one of the first Boston Terrier lines owned by the Haggerty’s family back in the 1900s. Many of their Bostons were born with the spot on top of their heads. This marking ended up being associated with their Boston Terrier line. Nowadays, most Boston Terrier dogs who have this marking can be traced to the Haggerty’s Boston Terrier line.

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My Sansa has one in the shape of a heart.

Kelly Quintana

Rita has a white spot. She’s so precious!!!

Toni Cutino Shannon

Lele has the spot. That’s why my husband picked her. He called it an ink thumb print.

Jersie Watson

I do!πŸ™‹πŸΌI do!πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Jackie LaRose Buchanan

Boston has one!

Melanie Fink

Very special

Kathy Nichols

Ella May checking in

Stacy Rhoades

Daphne does!

Al Renner

Erin Lou Sue Norsworthy

Becky Connelly

Our dog is named Dottie because of that spot!

Jennifer Bates

Over the many years I have had Boston’s several have had & others not. <3

Mia Landauer

Our Yoda has

Tracy Knowles

Leigha Covell

Leigha Covell

Good to know!!

Bobbi Jett Levanich

Our Maisy had one! What a sweet girl she was. 😒 Still miss her after 5 years.

Kasey Kwaak

Tony Napoli our Moo has one

Terri Peterson Martin

Our Boston has it too! We call it the spot of excellence. Sweetest dog we’ve had.

Julie Convery

Holly has one too

SantanaDarren Dietzmann

My cutie pie Dirty had one:)

Judy Fox Bibb

We do

Troy Fink

So special.

Dena Roth

Her and her sister look like twins 😁

Dena Roth
Alicia Marrolli

I had 5 generations and my babies had the spot. So cool

Nancy L Strong

Zoey has the thumb print on her head.

Debbie Oglesby

Daisy has one.

Karon Bruen

Archie has the spot

Brenda Keto

Our Opie

Jeanie Lackey

Mine has

Tracey Sait

Elaine Sait

Elaine Sait


Katie King

My Vito

Cynthia Webre

One with and one without 🐾❀

Gerlinde Endeman-Schuttevaar


Blanca Maya


Jo Clark

I’ve had lots of Bostons over the years, but only my first one had the spot. Too cute!

Christie Lee Boucher

Taylor Ferrari WILLIE!!!

Jackie Sayers

The boss man has it,gotta love them.x

Heather Harris Perry

Our sweet baby girl Zoey has the spot on her head.

Lucy Gomez McCay

Baxter on right with his Angel Kiss πŸ˜‡ or Haggerty Spot 🐾

Melissa Kaye Sanders

Jennifer Gray our little ziggy has one

Jennifer Gray

That’s cool

Melissa Kaye Sanders

Kevin H Sanders Camron Jackson

Jessi Philpott-Medeiros

Tamsin’s spot πŸ™‚

Velvie Fowler

Little girl has one

やまざき ひろか

My first BT had a Haggerty dot.
He was such a gentle and smart
more than I thought.
Still miss him everyday. Xoxo❀

Rockefeller N Carol Francia

How cute πŸ’•

Robin Canning

Quincy has one. I have been told it was an angel kiss πŸ˜‡πŸ’‹.

Debbie Richards

I had one of those.


what if it is a white spot in the middle of black? the opposite of the ones shown


what if it is a white spot in the same place with black around it?

Linda Hockly

My femsle has that spot.

judith casarez

Mine has a white diamond on his on top of black.

Kristy Englert

Mine has a small spot between his eyes

Elgie Morris

Never heard it called that. We always heard it called a sweetheart spot.