Halloween Costumes of Echo the Boston Terrier


Here are photos of a costumed show dog named Echo. Echo the boston terrier has been dressing up for Halloween since 2006.

All of his costumes are sewed by hand by his owners. Until now, they have made ten Halloween costumes : Scorpion, Walrus, Spider, Space, Scuba, Santa, E.T., Chia Pet, Skydiver and Maleficent. Echo was born on Aug. 19 2004, in Savannah, Georgia, United States.

Learn more about Echo the Halloween costumes show dog on the Halloween Echo’s website and on Facebook.

Scorpion Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierWalrus Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierSpider Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierSpace Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier
Scuba Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierSanta Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierE.T. Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston TerrierChia Pet Halloween Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier
Skydiver Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier dog
Maleficent Costume of Echo the Boston Terrier Dog! (Photo)

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Caryn Jones Kelly

Kristy Kelly πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Will Maxwell

These are fantastic!

Debra Felder Hebert

This is awesome idea!

Ed Schloz

Looks like someone made Moxy into a Chia Pet.

Jeanie Shelton

They are cute, but that baby doesn’t like to be dressed in them. No smiles.

Jeanine Kispert

Ashley Arguijo Brus You really need to see these! I love the flying monkey and the skunk!

Jeanine Kispert

And the cowboy!

Ashley Arguijo Brus

The E.T. and walrus are too much! πŸ™‚

Paul Jones

Tara Jones

Ali Borthwick-Carver

Pip Borthwick lol xx

Don Wardill

Mark Froom

Mary Louise Tesio

OMG!!!! That is precious!!!!

Sasha Love

Kevin O’shea

Andrea Piper-Wentland

Visit Henry Hippo Pants. He’s a boston and has more costumes than you can believe. He’s doing a photo a day until halloween

Dawn Richardson

Love it!

Natalie York

Kerri Henderson York

Jason Wagner

Lexi Wagner

Marilyn Almestica

Look at these costumes babe Evelyn Santiago

Robin Casper

To cute

Ashley Rose DiLeonardo

Tom Tinsley

GaryDeborah Landess

Mary Louise Tesio. This is right up your alley 😊

Jason Zielske

Sandy Zielske

RogΓ©rio Cruz Teixeira

Guilherme Murad

Cara Vanriet

Which one is your fav? Samuel

Robin Gray
Anne Branscum

Brandon Borgfield

Holly Marie Vuitton

Nancy Fancy Kennedy πŸ˜‚πŸ’•

Nancy Fancy Kennedy


Bianca Ericsson


Meghan Reid

They all look emoπŸ˜„

Austin T Sparks

Bristol Bostons

Reza Karamy

John Rowbottom

Tammy Morrison

I’m speechless great idea posted too quick to fix oops

Tammy Morrison

Omg really uh well I’m speedo don’t know if that is one of the most original costume πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ˜

Jesse Porter

That dog does not look happy πŸ˜‚

Charity Fox

Erica Johnston Gearhart

Ann Lalik

Chia pet!

Amron Nogerbo

Clarissa Obregon

Joanna Wilcox

love the chia pet

Jerry Fisher

Sarah Minall


I absolutely LOVE the Chia Pet…I may have to plagiarize your idea!!!


loved the pictures. looks just like my eleye who also dresses up.