Halloween Costumes to Dress like the Boston Terrier dog


Here are photos of a Boston Terrier dog named Guizmo from Winnipeg, MB, Canada. His owners took pictures of them when they dressed like their dog for Halloween!

His owners says : “When your kids think you love the dog more… they get Halloween Costumes to dress like the dog! We do love the dog more, lol!!!”

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Halloween Costumes to Dress like the Boston Terrier dog - Photo 1

Halloween Costumes to Dress like the Boston Terrier dog - Photo 2

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Moira Praxedes

Holly Wuorenmaa

Holly Wuorenmaa

I would totally do this. Maybe next year

Sharon Northup


Martins Martins

Eliomar Oliveira

Marie Miller


Kathleen Glaser Knickle

So Sweet!!

Barbara Hvoschinsky

So cute!

Anne-Marie Kate Brown

Kevin McFarlane

Virginia Sanchez Weiss

Ashley Weiss

Stephanie Joy

Aly Grace Kendall Miller we have the fat heads if you’re looking for a costume 😋

Kendall Miller


Cadie Lawrence

Jeanie McPeek Lawrence

Caroline Hilton

Yeh your right Lydia x

Manon Borgia

Je m’ennuie De lui 😿😘😘

Abigail Preston

Jean JJ Fourie

Jean JJ Fourie

ha ha ha ha

Deborah Criqui

Tracee Lazaroff-Melchiore

Tracee Lazaroff-Melchiore

Lol! Too funny.

Melinda Honey

Kathryn Hampson 😂

Kathryn Hampson

There are Boston heads in Kmart, I’ve told Greg that’s what we are dressing up as to take Millie trick or treating!

Roxane Ouellet

Jean-Michel Paquet Marielou Borgia 😂

Marielou Borgia

hahaha 😂😂

Diane Volk

Amazingly imaginative

Dalton Miller

Jackie Sawyer

Jackie Sawyer

I love it

Stephanie Ferrell

Next year Mario Rafael Batiz

Rebecka Marysol Ontiveros Zárate

Rebecca D’Onti 😂😂😁

Amanda Laura

Kasia Veronica

Trish McDonald

Lucy Rushing Thomas McDonald

Lucy Rushing

Omg this is precious!!!

Terri Goldsmith

omg we need to have these!

Faye Parton Flynn

so cute

JeSs Ruiz

Jajaa Pam Ruiiz Erick Astie Garcia ya sabemos de que disfrazarnos !

Pam Ruiiz

Awwwww siii

Erick Astie Garcia

Jajaja si está súper!!

Heather Cameron Gendron

Elisha Fortin Gallant- I found our costume for Halloween this year!! 😂

Elisha Fortin Gallant

Ha!!! I would so do that!!! 🐶

Lydia Preston Craig

That’s your outfits sorted 😂😂😂Eliot Craig Nikki Hilton

Aud Wally

Karen Anna Berg Oddrun Eikrem Lynge

Oddrun Eikrem Lynge


Greg Price

Mariah if you dress up like vin.., you’ve got issues haha

Mariah Parker

No we don’t. He’s just a sweet puppy. My little guy.

Brenda Ramirez

Fernando Elias Garcia Martinez

Kathleen Colflesh Wells

What a cute Boston!

Andrew Huygen

Isabella Albino

Isabella Albino


Mau De Sambo

Chantal St-laurent notre prochaine photo de famille 😍

Chantal St-laurent


Darius Abueg

Hon Ber Nadine

Leah Wilson

Miguel Angel Tuñón

Miguel Angel Tuñón


Jessie Vigñola

Marco Asselin

Gail Joha

That is cute. What does the dog think

Catherine Rider

Leonie Dyson this what I was looking for! Chris Dyson Shelley Rachael Dyson 😂

Shelley Rachael Dyson
Sheila Tumas

This is Precious, love it!

Ashley Barrell

Jess Jemma xxx

Jess Hardwick


Manorak Phiakeo

Love it. 🤣😂

Maísa Feital

Karla Kalife hahahaha

Robin Casper


Stephanie Vankirk

Sooo cute

Lynda Sheaffer Reiber

I love it. To

MaryAnn Graber


Rosario Estrada


Angela Kitchens Archer

Adorable!! Hannah Archer

Heather Olson

Brandon Olson!!!

Brandon Olson


Annick Fiset

Alex Ouimet 😍