Happy Holidays from this Boston Terrier on the iRobot Vacuum!


    Many people place their animals on their robotic vacuum just for the fun of it. Maybe you have already seen this Boston Terrier named Buster Beans Rollin?

    Now, the people from The Big Shift wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays by dressing their little Boston Terrier named Five in a Santa outfit, they show him to sit on the iRobot vacuum and let it go! 🙂

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    12 Comments on "Happy Holidays from this Boston Terrier on the iRobot Vacuum!"

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    holy moly! thats my roomba irobot 620! with dog!

    Kathleen Glaser Knickle

    I Love this, My Boston is being border, so I could Visted family and friends up North. Miss him like crazy.

    Irene Pearson

    Cute BT Santa 🙂

    Michelle Gerard

    Merry Christmas Sarah Napier Marisa Hoff

    Claudia Smallwood

    Cute! The only way ours would stay on there is if we glued them to it! Lol