Has anyone experienced any problems with a Whiter Face?


Here is a question from Caroline asking other Boston Terrier owners about the Boston Terriers with a whiter face.

She says : “Hi! We are getting 2 Bostons on Tuesday and 1 has a whiter face than the other… Has anyone experienced any problems with this? I was more concerned about deafness?? Thank you”

Does anyone have any experiences?
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Has anyone experienced any problems with a Whiter Face?

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Mine is perfectly fine with hearing, just be careful with sunbathing!!!!!!!!! They tend to get sunburned quickly so watch out! Love my sweet angel!

John Ferrier

Mine is deaf. Named her Helen Keller, she doesn’t seem to mind.
Bottom pup in pic.

Christine Waren

Our 5 yr old rescue is not deaf. He has darkish blue eyes but they look black indoors. His skin is sensitive but he’s on Fromm dog food and I think the stuff that bothers him is outside in our yard 😕

Bernadette Ebert

I have a whiter face

Mile Nita Zuñiga

A como son quiero uno

Dixie Elderjohnson

Precious babies.

Sam Crow

Frye has mostly white face and hears just fine… well that is when she wants to😝

Kathy Livingston

Too cute. I love all puppies I see!

Joyce Theresa Sheppard

We had a white faced Boston who was the best pup ever! She died of heart failure at age 13.

Amy Strang

My standerd Boston olive and my white face Boston pickle had a litter of all white face puppy’s. The only one not white face had cleft lip and didn’t make it. But I have 3 little females that are all white face.

Roger'n Gina Branscome

No. And I raised 3 litters and have had BTs for 8 years.

David Woodward

my Boston has a white face as well and does not have a hearing problem other than being stubborn and letting his selective hearing kick in. Either way they are still the best dogs on earth and deserve all the love you can give them whether they are deaf or not.

Linda Poindexter

I agree with David. My BT has a white face and only has selective hearing when she doesn’t want to mind.

Jaimie Dent-Campbell

Echo Hulahips is absolutely fabulous in every way although she is deaf. (The breeder she came from was upfront with her disability, wanting her to be placed with someone who had experience with deaf dogs.)

Jaimie Dent-Campbell

Neko is a bostie with atypical markings and has no issues.

Richard A. Slough

This is mine..

Bessie Mae Webb-Ellis

Sometimes have to clean the fur under her eye more but that’s it.

Richard Amsterdam

This is Fitch. Isn’t he cute 😉?

Angela MacDonald

These are our babies and Tia is the white face, no issues with her what so ever, just a sweetheart 😊

Christine Hillary


Katie Mckenna-Weiss

Buggie is 14 years old, deaf but listens better than his 2 hearing siblings. Sweetest boy and super smart.

Laurie Kovack Varga

This is Jayne, he’s got a white head and he’s deaf. He’s great though, well behaved, super friendly and the happiest dog we’ve had. He doesn’t know he’s deaf and neither do our other dogs…deaf dogs are great and very trainable.

Tiffany Looney

My white face girl has some skin allergies as well as food allergies and she does get a sunburn and occasionally will get a rash on her face. I don’t think that deafness is actually Something you need to be concerned with with this breed. In boxers and Bulldogs white dogs tend to be deaf however in Boston Terriers that doesn’t seem to be the case. I don’t think that white fur has much to do with anything except for possible skin allergens

Mirela Ciuraru

Mother and daughter

Kendra Jeannette

mine is deaf

Areta Walker

This is my Lucy 13 yrs. She always knew I had food.jumps up in my face to get a bite of plum.

Areta Walker

I have white faced baby…13 yrs now. She developed cushings, glaucoma. But was never deaf

Justin Juice

Love my Boy, no problems, I want a black face now

Jean Conrad

So sweet

Sally Spikes

I have a friend , had Boston white face, he was fine. Wonderful pet as all Bostons are, would love one any color.💕💕

Lisa Platter-petrucci

No issues!!!!

Nathan Steiger

Problems? Are you stupid? You sound like a dog racist if there was even such a thing!
Dumb post

Shawn Rawlings

This girl can hear just fine.

Wes Brown

I have lost 3 BT’s to cushings, in a row

Colleen Esgate-Joyner

I lost one to cushings also…

Wes Brown

Colleen Esgate-Joyner , must be common in BT

Isabelle Beauchemin


Johana Trujillo

Ms.Sally ❤ I have noticed recently she has been getting a rash everytime she gets over stimulated playing with the other dogs. Especially on her white side.

David Burks

Our super hero!

Lorrie Hughes Burks

This is my Boo Boo! He is the love of my life, and he’s practically perfect in every way!😍
He is not deaf, but we call him our little “Stevie Wonder”, because he *listens* by tilting his head and swaying back and forth. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!❤

David Burks

Our super hero!

Elizabeth Cruz

Nope. She’s 9.

Carla Guitzkow Joyce

Either way they’re cute

Susie Toczek

Lily no problems just floppy ears when she is tired!

Daniel Glade

Ill take both puppies beautiful

Janett Linda Giuffre

the one in the far back is deaf, her face isnt all white.


I have a white faced Boston with one blue eye. She hears fine. Just test your Boston as stated above.

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

She was so precious!

Jodi Pangman

Same problem with tear stains and allergies with my little white head. She hears just fine.

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

Absolutely not!

Darlene Robbins Hamilton

She had quite the personality! She had to pass over the rainbow bridge on Father’s Day. Her sister passed over in March. We still have her brother and he is 13 and blind. It has been rough.

Betty Sinor

And where did you find those babies

Betty Sinor

I have had two white faced in my lifetime….no problems and lived 14 .. 15 years. Broke my heart to lose them

Julie Dubé

No problem with my Blü boy.😘

Rita Coleman

All such beautiful fur babies!!