Has anyone had a Boston Terrier Dog with Epilepsy?


Here is a Question from Gariann asking other Boston Terrier owners about epilepsy.

She says : “Has anyone here had or have a Boston with epilepsy? My dog was just diagnosed she is 3. Besides meds has anything worked for your pup? I want to do whatever I can to help her have a long healthy life.”

Does anyone have any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Here is Watson! 🙂

Has anyone had a Boston Terrier Dog with Epilepsy?

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13 Comments on "Has anyone had a Boston Terrier Dog with Epilepsy?"

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Jill Fox Randolph

Potassium bromide and ocular compressions worked great for our girl for 9 years!

Maureen Read

This might interest you Sarah Read 😘

Michael Carleno

and seizures,worst thing to have to go through.. it took my Sepp…
Not cool‼
R.I.P my sweet boy…


I will try to change is food and to feed here only why food whitout corn, chiken and beef. With my boston that stop all the problem of seizure. Good luck

Paul Messner

Yes And she died after the 1st one only ,,6 yr old and I miss her very much