Have you ever saw a Boston Terrier being Best Friend with a Mouse?


Dogs and mice are not always enemies… they can be friends too! πŸ™‚

Here is an unusual video with a mini-mouse being the best friend of a Boston Terrier dog named Murphy. This shows that sometimes the unexpected can happen! πŸ™‚

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Raquel Faria Chiquie Ali

Chiquie Thiago

Katie Jackson

Seen. Have you ever seen.

Kody Bailley Parker

Mine befriended a hermit crab years ago. It’s hard to see but here’s a pic of him sleeping with the crab next to his paw.

Nelson Westcott

Time to get a mouse Beth!

Jose Andres Remolina Garcia

Daniela Galeano si lo sigues llevando al box se va hacer amigo de las ratas…..

Islena Romero

Hermosos los animales

Ingrid Peneder

Sam Peneder das ist Murphy dein video !!!

Sam Peneder

Ajaaaaaa mein Murphy 😱😱😱😱

Barri Bomb

Rich Strongman

Jose Fleur

So cute !!!!!

Jan Lindahl

Awww so cute

Chris Lenton

Rachael Hames

Bob W. Hudspeth

Mine would swallow it whole!

Aiya Maston

Cami Maston

Trishie Dishie

He doesn’t know whether to love it or eat it. πŸ™‚

Gray Haven


Peggy Matkin Patrick

Oh Alison Pritchard Beitzell you’ve got to watch this😘❀️

Sandy Ritchie

Awwww.Breaks your heart!!

Phil Thaung

Lindsay Stewart

Beatrice Thieme

awww, sooo sweet <3

Seb Makemson

Georgina Makemson

Mary Failla

Ours loved my daughter’s hamster, she was so intrigued by it.

Alexandra Orrman

I have: Mine πŸ™‚ Mr. Jingles is no longer with us but Finny used to be so gentle with him when he was still around <3 both sniffing eachother, Mr. Jingles climbing on top of him. I remember I wanted to let Finny know Mr. Jingles has passed and let him sniff the mouse and I will never forget the shocked, heartbroken face of his :'( <3 He knew and understood well and clear his little friend was gone

Bobbi Byrd

Aww that just breaks your heart

Margie Weber

not mine….if its squeeks its dead…

Jolene Clark

Yeah! If my Boston’s history of hunting lizards is anything to go by, no dice on a mouse. Haha. My Boston sat once by a window for over two hours watching a lizard, completely mezmerized.

Margie Weber

mine too Jolene

Adrienne Munn

Mine too. My two hooligans (sisters) dispatch ground squirrels regularly and killed a skunk that got in their yard.

Kam Fitzek


Julie Ann Christians

Oh my..love this.

Teresa Isidore


Christine Proffitt Vanderburg

that was so precious!!

Georgette-Gigi Crump Parker


Susan Jones

How sweet!! My foster dog would have had that mouse for lunch!

Lindi Judd

Too sweet.