He Plays in the Water while Taking a Bath! – Frankie the Boston Terrier (Video)


Here is a video of a Boston Terrier dog at 6 months old named Frankie who loves to play in the water while taking a bath!

He is such a funny dog! 🙂

Do your dogs enjoy their baths too?
Leave a comment about it!

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Hayley Garrison

Davis Hood

Melina Koufalis

Her laughing says it all. Very cute.💕👍💖

Melissa Kaye Sanders

Kevin H Sanders

Kevin H Sanders

That’s cute we should try with ellie

Annemarie Versluis

Kees Jan Versluis

Jennifer Foster Loebs

Jeremy Loebs look at these wild eyes

Katie Stuck

Jeremy Stuck

Maja Hvalec

Miha Roškar drugič pa nalijva polno bano Brikecu

Diane Volk


Phyllis Ballarino

Just like Cosmo.

Mary Foster

Awwww, thatis so cute!!!

Michael Kallinick

What a silly boy.

Roy Parsons


Sharon Northup

Love him!!!!!!

Helene Corbin

Tres drole🐼

Tiffany Velasquez

Joey D Velasquez

Joshua Adam Hart

Jessica Neundorfer

Jace Hewitt

Sherri Hewitt

Erica Brown

Jacob Hershey

Jacob Hershey

Uh oh lol he made a break for it 😂😂

Rose Jones

Are you sure that dog is happy coz I read scared?!

Danielle Lamborne Almquist

I would go with scared too. Our Boston terrier was terrified of the water and would obsessively bark and bite at it with the BT crazed look.

Cindy Tetreault

How cute.

Riley Parker

Ashley Parker

Eric Hagen

Brenda Wagner

Kathi Rake

My Kolbi loves water too. 😂😂😂

ॐDreams Awakeॐ

too cute!!! #bostonterrier

Bill Milam

Mine plays in the water while shreddin on the boogie board, lol!

Kate Schiel

JanRyan Schiel let’s give Lenny a bayh

Tessa Roberts

John Roberts

Amber Carpenter-Sanford

Audrey Stewart

Audrey Stewart

odd…I think I need another one 🙂

Amber Carpenter-Sanford

Audrey Stewart lol I’d be good with an entire collection.

Audrey Stewart

brown, red, brindle, black, more brown, red, brindle

Audrey Stewart


Amber Carpenter-Sanford

Adopt ALL the Bostons. Lol

Judith Lacroix

My 10 month old hates the bathtub but loves to run into the ocean.

Judith Lacroix

My 10 month old hates the bathtub but loves to run into the ocean

Sergio Rojo

Graciela Rodriguez

Jessica L Koether

We have one and she loves the bathtub!

Kim Clark-Thorpe

How adorable ‼️‼️‼️

Lara Peters

Ann-Marie Peters

Brian Stephens

Tiffany Branch-Stephens

Stefania Fried

Kuki 11years old..

Manuela Chavarro

M Esteban Peñaloza

Karen Jensen

I had a Boston that loved to pay in the water all the time. Could keep herself entertained for hours.

MaryAnn Graber


Raquel Faria Chiquie Ali

Chiquie Thiago

Madeline J. Power

Trapper Joel Frankie!!!!

Kayla Faith

Lauren Henschel


My Boston doesn’t like baths but is OBSESSED with swimming! We used to live on a lake and played fetch with her in the water. Now when we go around a body of water we have to be careful because she has no fear and will swim for miles if we let her!

Kyle Stafford-Everett

Samantha Stafford-Everett

Audrey Perron

Olivier Roy Marie-Elen Perron Christine Roussel y faudrait que ringo joue dans l’eau comme ça !

Christine Roussel

Dans tes rêves si tu réussi cela avec Ringo

Stephanie Claumann Herrero

Pricila Claumann Juan Carlos Herrero

Jessica Baer Bentley

Cynthia Beard…another Frankie.

Tina Damos

Gabby Thompson Ed Tabes

Gabby Thompson

Hahaha ???? way too cute! Ed Tabes I want one! 😉

Laura Gonzalez-Martinez

Stephanie Martinez Miranda Martinez

Stephanie Martinez

I need to put Frankie in the tub. Maybe he’ll like it ????

Miranda Martinez

That’s so cute!!!