He Was Bad. Now He is in the Corner! (Photo)


    Here is a funny picture of a boston terrier dog that was bad.

    He was bad… Now he is in the corner! 🙂

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    He Was Bad. Now he is in the Corner

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    21 Comments on "He Was Bad. Now He is in the Corner! (Photo)"

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    Patrina Cavallero

    Smart from boston terrier

    Diane Brown Wilder

    I didn’t there was such a thing as a bad Boston Terrier:) All good!

    Linda Hutchins

    ooow! just wait he gonna put u in the corner won days! haaa lol

    Marzena Szczubiał-Gomoła

    Just like mine ♡


    One of ours too! We always said she was doing the “Blair Witch” when she did it. I wonder what they’re thinking.

    Stacey Kluczny

    LOL. our girl does this too, she self imposes this when she’s done something wrong, we have to search for the thing she’s done when we find her in a timeout!