Her Nose has Become Cracked – Have you ever heard of this?


Here is a Question from Susan asking other Boston Terrier owners about cracked nose.

She says : “My Boston is 6 years old. Her nose has become rough and cracked over the years. Not a problem-doesn’t bother her. Have you ever heard of this with Boston Terriers?”

Does anyone else ever had this issue? Any thoughts, experiences or recommendations? 🙂

Her Nose has Become Cracked - Have you ever heard of this?

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My boston terrier’s nose grows bigger over months and then cracks and big pieces fall of. After that her nose is small and normal for a while. Is that normal? My vet never saw this before, he told me.

Nicole Taggart

I put lanolin on my dogs nose. It’s has no taste and is safe for babies so I figure it’s fine for dogs. It works really well

Rita Bjalobok

There is a product called nose butter. It is like chapstick except the ingredients dogs shouldn’t have. Works great!!!!

DeeDee McCall

Nose Butter. I started every day and in about a week, the flakes started peeling off. Now just once a week or so to keep it soft and kissable.

Kim Martin

Use nipple cream the same cream mothers use on cracked nipples works FANTASTIC.

Melissa Southworth Young

feed grain free food, use fish oil in food and try salmon food or lamb

Barbara Mollure

We had a Boston for 15 & 12 yrs! Her nose was always dry and rough!

Buddy Rowe

Needs nose job

Jesse Naples

Brooke April

Mike Dye

Whoever Baby is having this issue I have something that will Help it, it’s doctor prescribed feel free to message me or text me 5025257177 I’ll just give it to you.
I know what it feels like to have a Little one not Feeling well and I mean our Boston Terriers! Reason why I don’t use this tube no more my Boston passed.

Betty Sinor

Yes…Boston problem….I use bag balm

Frederick Martin II

We used vasaline on our Boston’s nose to help heal it !!

Maryl Bennett


Elizabeth Radley

Bostons get that often. It’s because they have such flat noses their nasal cavity doesn’t produce the mucus to protect the end of their noses. I would try some coco butter.

Marti Marikovics

What does the Vet say?

Earl Berkley

Coconut oil, olive oil,
burts bee’s , chapstick, anything like that will work. You just have to put it on everyday👍🏻

Cr Faith

Vitamin oil. Works great. Buy capsules and snip the end off one and dab it daily. Our vet recommended and our baby’s nose is happy.

Best Barette

Coconut oil

Sherri Motl

Bag balm, as someone commented. It works great on things like this, foot pads, other skin issues. We use it on every dog breed we’ve had… Bostons, labs, other terriers, Great Pyrenees, even on scratches and minor bites on coon hounds. Dry skin on people…

Tami Bouma

Natural Dog Company’s Snout Soother works wonders on our Boston terrier and boxer’s noses!🙂

Maria Terry

I use Bag Balm. It’s used by farmers on cow utters http://www.bagbalm.com/tried-and-true-uses

Kathy Collins

Vaseline a little dab at a time

John Lewis

Bag balm

Maria Terry

That’s what I used. Seemed to go away immediately.

Tori Lanier

Vitamin E!! Take a capsule pop a hole in it and drain some onto your finger then rub into the cracks!
Also make sure your baby doesn’t have any underlying conditions. That can cause the cracking as well.

Celia Serrano

Manteca de coco.

Laura Skorczewski

But what is the cause???

Theresa Brown Penning
Patty Furfaro

I use pure organic coconut oil…works well

Mike Dye

Sent pm!

Brandon Hitchcock

Our pugs nose did this we put Vaseline on the dry are and it’s helped his condition.

Angela Mueller Acebedo

Coconut oil; use it two or three times a day

Karla Fonseca

it happens to our boston

Julie Convery

Nose butter. My pug is older and has a very dry nose all the time. We use nose butter you can find a bunch of different kinds on Amazon and Esty.

Fee Heron

Nose butter, available on Internet. As long as vet has ruled out underlying cause, it sorts in in couple of days xxx

Kelly McCarn

Coconut oil

Szilvia Marton

pure sheabutter may works 😉

Tami Yanna

Snout Soother works great!

Mary Lee Hulse

Hasnt happened to mine glad you shared advice below sounds good hope there is no pain.

Judy Wolf

Check out mushers secret, a tiny bit every 3 days is all that’s needed. They have a website, and is the best product I have ever gotten my Bostons. Protects feet in hot and cold weather also. I use it on dry skin areas too

Jacqui Gonzalez

coconut oil

Jared Ginn

My 10 year old Boston had a cracked nose just like the one in the photo for a couple of years. Last year he was diagnosed with hypothyroid disease. After taking thyroid medicine for just a few weeks his nose healed and has been normal ever since.

Viay Molina Sanchez


Jan Getz-Rayl

You need some bulldog nose butter!

Becky Casto Ledford

Burts bees has out a line of dog products and they have a lotion for noses and paw pads it works great. Or you can just use coconut oil

Judy Lauria

I use that also

Isabel Tipple

We have had an excellent response to coconut oil for our dogs cracked nose.

Sylvaine Dumont

Coconut oil

Frank Pemberton


Elaine Tierney

I’ve used snout soother product successfully on boxer; my Bostons don’t need (yet) – you can see it here http://www.naturaldogcompany.com

Szilvia Marton
Susanne Comeau

I have that for my BT and love it also for the paws ❤️

Kathy Hill Christiansen

Nose butter works perfectly on my dog!

Shannon Walton Kowalski

That is nasal hyperkeratosis…

Jaymes Aldous

meh, maybe but not definitively. that is a symptom of hyperkeratosis, but not necessarily a diagnosis.

Karen Morris

My Boston also 6 has a extremely dry nose. I put coconut oil on it. It does help and he loves to try to lick it off.